Kate Winslet believes that curvy shapes are in fashion

The name Kate Winslet does not often come up when it comes to body-positive, meanwhile the actress never shy away from her curvaceous and did not sit on diets to achieve model parameters. It seems that she doesn’t worry at all about her appearance - she doesn’t pull in the stomach, relaxing with Leonardo DiCaprio in Saint-Tropez, and with pleasure plays the housewife in Woody Allen’s robe, choosing heroines not for beautiful external data, but for amazing fates, o which is worth telling.

In a new interview with Harper's Bazaar, Kate admitted that she did not want to become an actress who once received an Oscar and disappeared forever from radar. “I want to play at 90,” she said. And regarding the exterior, she added: “Thanks to Kim Kardashian and Sofia Vergare, lush shapes are in fashion now. Therefore, I absolutely do not worry about my appearance. What worries me more is the pressure social networks have on young girls today.It is important to realize how permissiveness and openness can be dangerous for the process of growing up. ”