Jesus Christ Icon

An unusual master class will open to all those who wish to master this art form the delicate world of icon painting with its own rules and regulations. Comprehending this skill is not so difficult if you approach the matter with patience and love. For creativity we will need materials: - board (in this case 15 * 20 cm); - skin ; - white acrylic paint (as a primer); - gouache (it is better to buy individual jars of gouache, including gold); - PVA glue; - brushes of different sizes (preferably squirrel or columns); - varnish for woodwork (matte or semi-matte); - icon or photo, picture or orthodox calendar from which we will make an icon list. 1. Before you start, it is better to read a prayer or simply say: "Lord, bless." So it will go faster and better. Now we need to polish the board. To do this, take the skin in thicker and circular movements grind the surface. Sandpaper - null bring the board to a smooth state.
 polish dosochku
2.Acrylic paint is applied to the surface of the board in two to three layers. If necessary, it can be diluted with water 1: 1. Next you need to polish dosochku to the ideal state.
 Acrylic overlay
3. The third stage is very responsible. We need to make a drawing of Jesus in a pencil. Here you need to comply with all proportions. If you are having difficulty, use tracing paper - transfer the drawing to it, and then attach it to the board and circle it, it will be printed.
 make a drawing of Jesus in a pencil
4. At the fourth stage, you need to paint a paint of ocher color with water and PVA glue and in one two layers paint over the board. This is done so that the tones of the future icon are not too bright and open. Pencil drawing should shine, therefore paint impose transparent layers. Now brown paint the outline of the pattern. To do this, take the thinnest brush.
 water and white glue in one two layers
5. At the fifth stage, you can relax a bit and remember childhood.Now we will do something like what the children do in the coloring pages. Fill the icon with color. Each fragment is filled with the darkest color, (in the paint we must add a little PVA glue) which is on the icon. For example, the face, it has more dark and light colors. So, we need to take the darkest tone and fill the face with color. In this case, dark brown. This is done in order to clarify the fragments at the next stage. We do the same with other parts of the drawing - clothes, hair, etc. Putting the paint in two or three layers. At this stage, the main accuracy. Remember that the colors in the icon should not be bright, so you can muffle them with ocher. The background is painted with gold paint.
 Overlay the paint
6. The sixth step is the most time consuming and responsible. We need to give the volume to the drawing due to the highlighting of the fragments. Let's start with face. We take the ocher color, mix it with white and gradually brighten the zones of the cheekbones, forehead, and nose. Achieve a smooth transition will not work at one time. We will highlight until the face acquires a volumetric shape.Also we give volume to folds on clothes and other fragments. Do not forget to add glue to the paint so that the previous layers are not washed away.
 give volume to a picture
8. Now you need to apply varnish on the icon. Choose matte or semi-matt varnish for wood. So the icon will not glare. Apply varnish in two or three layers, dry. Be sure to consecrate the icon in the temple. God help you!
 Icon of Jesus Christ