Is it easy to manipulate you? 5 pictures with optical illusion!

“I trust my eyes 100%!” - No intelligent person in the world can say. Remember at least this magical dress, which is black and blue, then white and gold. Scandals, squabbles, ruined relationships due to the fact that people looked at each other with suspicion, not believing in the ability to see some colors where they themselves see others. No matter how blink, how many three eyes - nothing will change.

Especially for those who have few problems, health is beyond doubt, and in general, those who like to search for adventures on their heads are a selection of pictures that will break your eyes and brain. Carefully, it delays!

Balls for the toe

The picture pulsates like a living, and the zeros tremble and move? No, you are not going crazy yet; this is just a designer joke. What a happiness, after all, that until people thought of making out, for example, floors ...

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Broken stained glass

This graphic image of a vyvglazny coloring incredibly similar to a piece of broken stained glass - the same lines, the same irregularly split segments.But wait, what is this? As soon as you look from the fragment to the fragment, the other pieces seem to darken! But it's worth returning to the look, and the highlight is already here.

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That does not intersect

It’s hard to believe, but all transverse gray lines are parallel and strictly horizontal. It can not be, but the way it is!

You can check this only in one way - select one line and look at it. Is it horizontal? And now look at the other line. And she, too? On the third, fourth - they are all parallel, and the optical effect occurs only if you perceive the picture holistically, due to the different forms of black segments.

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Caution! If you look at the image for a long time, dizziness and nausea are likely!


Inward or outward?

Here is another fantastic star, which designers sincerely wanted to break our brains. Yes, this is not a gif, but the fact that the rays are moving is a masterly deception of sight. There remains only one insoluble question: do the rays move from the center of the picture to the edges or from the edges to the point in the center? And if you try to imagine the opposite?

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White noise

Since childhood, the white noise that is not loved by most people is also a good optical illusion. And now, look at the flashing ripples and remember the feeling when you stayed out of the leg. Looks like?

However, this picture sets another problem: in the center of each square is a circle of another color.