Interesting facts about Oreo cookies

It is difficult to find a person who would be absolutely indifferent to various kinds of sweets. After all, even doctors recommend to periodically please yourself with them, in order to receive a portion of glucose. But you should not overdo it, because then the products will no longer benefit, but to the detriment.

Today we decided to tell you some interesting things about the world famous Oreo cookies, which are so popular with both children and adults.

Popular mini sandwich

Since 1912, when this sweet dessert first appeared on sale, the real “Oromania” began in the world. Two chocolate sugar disks with cream filling inside conquered everyone, from young to old, receiving the title of the best-selling biscuits in America.

We present you the top 5 facts about him:

Few people know that Oreo was a kind of plagiarism cookie called Hydrox, which appeared 4 years before the release of the first one. It was similar not only the idea of ​​a sandwich with an interlayer, but even corporate blue.

The Hydrox brand still exists today, but it hasn’t received worldwide popularity only because it unsuccessfully chose its name at the time, and regretted money for good marketers.

According to surveys, consumers have associated the name “Hydrox” more as a cleaning agent, and not at all as baking.

The history of the origin of the name has not been fully clarified. Some say that it comes from the analogy with round, reminiscent of the letter O cookies. Others claim that from the French the word "or" is gold.

The famous slogan from advertising: "Twist, lick, wet yourself into milk" is not the only one. His predecessors were “For the child inside each of us” and “Favorite milk cookies”.

In addition to the classic cream layer, there are still many varieties of this sweetness. For example, with the taste of green tea (he is adored in Japan and China), blueberry ice cream, watermelon, banana. And those who follow the figure, and those to whom sugar is contraindicated for health reasons, can pamper themselves with a product that does not contain it at all.

Nabisco, which owns the well-known brand, has a very good advertising policy. For presentations of new tastes, as well as simply in honor of the next year, added to the history of the brand, a team of experts pleases consumers with something interesting.

In 2008, to advertise their chocolate mini-sandwiches, the company launchedan interesting game-competition, according to the rules of which the winner who quickly removes the top with a double biscuit, loses the filling, and the rest will eat with milk. In these unusual competitions, such famous people as sisters-tennis players Serena and Venus Williams, politician Donald Trump and basketball star Shaquille O'Neill took part.

The facts speak for themselves - a competent approach and love for their work bear fruit. And in the case of Oreo, not small, the company earns about 1.5 billion dollars a year.

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