I want to ride a horse! I dream since childhood! and where you can find out where there are such services? ready to go to any city ...

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Answered on December 8, 2014 16:51
Respect your zeal, Lucia! But I think your dream is very easy to accomplish, you do not need to go to another city, but at least depending on where you are. I think it’s definitely not in the village, otherwise there would be no such question)) If you live in the metropolis, Moscow or St. Petersburg, then you can easily find a place where they ride horses. Moscow - Equestrian complex "Horse yard", which is located at Bogatyrsky bridge, 17. And I also know Equestrian complex "Bitsa" on Balaklavsky prospect, 33., and Equestrian center "Izmailovo" on Entuziastov highway, 31v.