I can not sleep, what to do?

People are arranged in such a way that they simply need daily night sleep. Each person should fall asleep quickly and easily in the evening, sleep well, and in the morning feel rested. But so smoothly everything happens only in theory, but in fact, all of us are visited by insomnia at night. "I can not sleep!" - A typical complaint of a modern city dweller, living in a constant insane rhythm and suffering from insomnia.

Below we give some tips on fighting insomnia.

What to do with insomnia: tips

  1. Do not get enough before bedtime and do not engage in sports training. Try to have dinner no later than six o'clock in the evening, and if you fall asleep you do not give a feeling of hunger, eat a coming apple to sleep or drink a glass of kefir. If the weather is good, be sure to take a walk before going to bed.
  2. Even a completely healthy person is difficult to sleep in a stuffy and hot room. Therefore, before going to bed, open a window or a window and ventilate the bedroom well.If you have such an opportunity (it is not cold and not noisy outside), try to fall asleep with the window ajar.
  3. You may be disturbed by light and street noise. Then, to quickly fall asleep, close the window tightly and close the curtains. If moonlight or lantern light comes through the curtains, put on a special cloth sleeping mask.
  4. Another cause of insomnia may be stale bedding. If time is ticking, and you all toss and turn in bed and cannot fall asleep, do not be lazy - get up and change sheets and pillowcases on pillows. It is possible that in clean, crisp and fresh-smelling bedding you will instantly fall asleep sweetly.
  5. Just before you go to bed, take a warm bath. In the water, you can add a few drops of lavender oil or pine extract or add a decoction of mint, lemon balm, calendula or oregano. If you do not have the opportunity to take evening baths, you can simply warm your feet in a basin with moderately hot water, to which the same herbs are added.
  6. In order to calm down, get away from thoughts about current affairs and relax, arrange solitaire before going to bed, solve a crossword puzzle, play some logical game, read a book.
  7. In the Caucasus, in order to fall asleep quickly, they drink a glass of fresh goat milk for the night. If you do not have goat milk, the usual cow will fit. Drink a glass of warm milk at night with a tablespoon of honey.
  8. All the children quickly fall asleep under her mother's tale, but since you have already come out of childhood, replace the tale with some popular science program. Having settled down in bed more comfortably, turn on the TV, set the timer, find a quiet quiet program, and it is quite possible that in a few minutes you will fall asleep to the monotonous narration of the announcer telling you about the structure of the universe.
  9. Get yourself a special "sleeping pill" pillow. Canvas bag tamp with hop cones, mint leaves and black currant, valerian herb and oregano. In moments of insomnia, place this pillow under your head, inhale the tender, spicy scent of forest herbs and fall asleep.
  10. If none of these tips helped you, think of all the well-known ancient method that helps you fall asleep as soon as possible, and start counting in your mind cute white sheep or pink elephants.