I am a maiden on the mountaincap. What signs of the zodiac suit me?

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Virgins are calm, love stability. For them, alliance is important reliability. They are similar in nature to men. For example, Taurus. They are homebodies, but at the same time, they have inner strength and ability to organize life, which is very important for Virgo. Crayfish is also a good option. They are faithful and childishly gullible. At the same time they are not afraid of work and responsibility. The hardest thing to build relationships with Pisces. Can not find common interests. With Gemini, the situation is the same, but in the beginning the Virgos are good with them. For holiday novels representatives of this sign will do. Virgo and Scorpio - an unusual, but incredibly promising union. She is quiet and faithful, he is energetic and strong. They complement each other.
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Earth signs are suitable for Virgo, as she herself is calves, ibex
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Nadezhda Evdoshenko
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Now everyone will write exactly on the similarity. And I probably will write from personal experience (the maiden herself). Suitable: lions, virgins, rams, calves. Many people write that crayfish are suitable, but this is not so.