How women see and distinguish colors

Women love blue color, but see in it a few of their favorite other colors - violet, heavenly, purple and others. Up to 35% of the fair sex voted for their favorite blue color and the same number of women called purple as their favorite.
Brown and orange shades of women called unloved, saying that they see them not interesting, not causing emotions. According to the research it was found that women prefer bright colors. In addition, they see a whole palette of one color. In red, for example, they clearly distinguish scarlet, pink, burgundy and its other shades.
A woman’s brain processes color information in a special way. For example, an orange does not seem to her “slightly red” (in comparison with men's eyesight). She sees the grass more green than it really is. The sky in women's contemplation is bluer. The choice of wallpaper, flooring for an apartment, scientists believe, it would be better to entrust a woman, as she will pick up really harmonious shades of decorative building materials for the room.
It was found that female vision can distinguish a lot of shades and shades of different colors, and not just the basic eight - red, brown, white, orange, yellow, green, blue, black. A woman sees a full palette of shades between the main ones. For example, such as maraschino, caen, plum, eggplant, grapes, lavender, fuchsia, tangerine, lemon, lime, clover, foam, pistachio, turquoise and many others.
The reason that a woman sees a lot of semitones of the same color is the gene responsible for recognizing different shades. This gene is located on the X chromosome.