How to win a man of Aquarius?

To win the heart of a man of Aquarius, you must first understand - what are these men?

First of all, they are charismatic and have great charm. Such men are polite and courteous - real gentlemen. As a rule, Aquarius is cheerful, sociable and enthusiastic. They are interested in everything, they are optimistic about life. Men of Aquarius are usually very diverse hobbies and activities.

How to win the heart of a man of Aquarius? Use at least half of the methods below, and you will succeed!

  1. To attract the attention of Aquarius, you need to become a bit different. Aquarius do not like everyday life. Try to stand out from the crowd. Do not write him banal SMS, do not put on social networks of popular statuses and do not blindly follow fashion. A man of Aquarius can be hooked only with his personality.
  2. Find yourself an unusual hobby. This can be either fencing, diving or esotericism, or breeding exotic cacti and goldfish. Such a hobby can ignite his interest in you.
  3. Change, amaze.Today, he spoke with a sophisticated lady in a black dress, and tomorrow he would see a mischievous girl in torn jeans and a bright T-shirt. Yesterday you talked to him about high matters and culture, and the day after tomorrow ask how he treats hedgehogs and whether he likes crocodiles. Learn to be different. The main thing - do not overdo it.
  4. Show the man Aquarius that you are intelligent and intelligent. No need to pretend to be a fool. Naive glance, bow lips, cheating, sighs - this will not attract Aquarius. It is necessary to behave adequately and communicate with him on an equal footing, first of all, as with a friend.
  5. Show interest in his hobbies, make appropriate compliments, smile at his jokes. He must see that he is not indifferent to you.
  6. How to win a man of Aquarius - ask him for help. Again, do not overdo it. No need to charge him all your problems. It is important to unobtrusively show a slight weakness and make him want to protect you. For example, to go home late at night, carry a heavy bag, or explain what probability theory is. Do not forget to thank him sincerely for your help.
  7. Sometimes men of Aquarius do not see the difference between companionship and nascent feelings.They may be genuinely surprised to learn that you are in love. Aquarius and their feelings can simply not notice, taking them for friendship. Try to gently push him to action, open his eyes. How exactly - choose for yourself. You can gently cause jealousy in him. You can disappear for a while and look at his reaction. You can ask mutual friends to hint a man Aquarius to your feelings. And you can even take a chance and kiss him first.
  8. To win the heart of Aquarius - show him what can be fun and interesting with you. Do not hesitate, invite him to a test lesson in dancing or acting, reduce it to an unusual theater under the pretext of an extra ticket. Offer to take a walk on the roofs or arrange a Japanese tea ceremony at home. Or buy an unusual board game. It all depends on your imagination and your preferences.
  9. Be easy on the rise. Aquarius men like active girls. If he called you for a walk, do not be lazy and do not be afraid, do not need to say that your hamster is sick. To postpone the meeting to the next week is dangerous - a renewed invitation may not follow.
  10. And finally, smile.As often as possible and as radiant as possible. Men Aquarius love sunny and positive girls.

Good luck to you! Believe in the best, love life, and you will succeed!