How to wear shorts in the city: an example of stars

The summer has come, and so it would be desirable to bare the legs, because the results of diets and workouts cannot be wasted.

But not all models of shorts can be allowed to wear off the beach, and a strict manager doesn’t appreciate a relaxed dress code. Star beauties know how to emphasize the beauty of the legs, even democratic shorts!

Jennifer Lopez
Photo: Getty Images

Sultry beauty Jennifer Lopez chose the perfect color, so beneficial to emphasizing her skin tone. Despite the average length of the shorts due to the good color of the legs are visually longer.

Cameron Diaz, even with age, does not say goodbye to the mini. But the actress picked up a strict jacket, and in general the image turned out to be even somewhat businesslike.

49-year-old Jennifer Aniston does not risk strongly exposing the hips, and at her age it will not be entirely appropriate. But her street style - a simple white T-shirt and voluminous denim shorts - slowed her down for a couple of decades. So she looks like youth and non-vulgar in this ensemble!

Actress Emmanuel Sriky, German TV presenter Laura Vontorra and Hollywood star Charlize Theron showed the very version that you can safely wear to work. A model Amy Jackson and her original shorts can afford girls who are shy to wear ultramini.

Leather shorts liked the famous model Isabelle Fontana, often in them you can see again Charlize Theron. Due to the strict top (it can be a bright blouse of a modest style) and the average length of the shorts, the image is not defiant. Just forget about the shoes on huge heels - sneakers, wedge shoes or low heels are perfect.