How to wear a headband?

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How to wear a headband?

This universal accessory can perfectly complement any stylistic image, be it an elegant romantic outfit, a tracksuit or an original knitted dress - the bandage will be a harmonious addition to your image and its beautiful decoration.

Ways to wear bandages

Wearing a bandage on the head, be sure to consider the height of the forehead - this is quite important. If the forehead is low, then it is better to give preference to an accessory that is conveniently fixed in the area of ​​hair growth. This will visually make the forehead higher, more attractive. In all other cases, you are free to wear this jewelry as you like:

  • over the hair;Bandage
  • under the hair or under separate strands;
  • just above the forehead - on the hairline;
  • so that the bandage passes in the middle of the forehead.

Types of dressings

Designers offered modern women of fashion a huge selection of wonderful dressings for any occasion.

  • Sports. The most concise decoration dressings, which are made of soft elastic fabric.They are designed to perform three functions at once: to absorb sweat from the forehead, to ensure that the hair does not interfere with your work, and, of course, to decorate the image.
  • Glamorous Very elegant, richly decorated with rhinestones, sequins, flowers, beads and even feathers, which will be excellentBandageaddition of an elegant image. Wear them with beautiful hairstyles in the Greek style, with playfully curled locks, perfectly straightened strands, etc.
  • On every day. This type of product is also represented by the widest selection of models. These are braids of artificial and even natural hair, and knitted ornaments, and leather braided headbands, and much, much more. From glamorous products they are distinguished by a great restraint of design. You can also wear such a bandage on your head with a variety of styles.

What clothes to combine bandages

Feel free to include dressings in different images. For example, headbands can be worn with:

  • dresses (for every day and evening);
  • denim sets;
  • shorts and T-shirts;
  • clothing "safari";
  • beach images.

The only "but" is in strict business kits. For senior executives, in large serious organizations, where there is a strict dress code, such an accessory will be inappropriate.If you are allowed to wear this kind of jewelry at your workplace, we advise you to give preference to models concise, with a minimum of decor. The ideal choice would be thin leather straps of white, black or pastel color to match the clothes.

How to fasten a bandage

  • If the bandage is half of the decorated part and half of the thin rubber band, then this gum can be hidden behind the hair so thatBandageonly the decorated part of the dressing remains. To fix, if necessary, you can use stealth. However, such a bandage can be completely worn over the hair.
  • If the bandage is a ribbon decorated over the entire length, then it can be easily put on over the hair - so that the accessory passes through the middle of the forehead. In this case, additional fixation is most likely not needed.
  • If the bandage is a shawl, then all that is needed is just to tie the ends in a beautiful knot.

It is not recommended to tie a headband too tight, wear models that deliver even minimal discomfort. Do not allow the product to press (especially in the temples, forehead), rubbed, left ugly marks on the skin.