How to wear a diaper?

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How to wear a diaper?

In the modern world there are many inventions that were not even dreamed of yet 30-40 years ago. But these things can greatly simplify the lives of people. For example, with the advent of automatic washing machines in each apartment, women no longer bend their backs, stripes and sheets in the bathroom, and with the invention of the microwave, you can stop a thousand pots for heating food, and you don’t have to talk about cell phones and computers. One of these inventions are diapers. Yes, buying them is not always cheap, but there are a lot of advantages from using them. Of course, the grown-up child they need to wear what they say, without fanaticism, not all day and night. But the baby will sleep peacefully in them at night, without disturbing his mother, he can take a walk longer, he can go to the store, to the clinic, with his mother, without fear of a cold because of wet pants. There are many types and models of diapers, but the technology of their use is one. Therefore, all moms should know how to put a diaper on the baby properly.

Preparatory stage

Before you begin to learn how to properly wear a diaper, you need to accurately pick it up. In this process it is necessary to take into account the age and weight of the child. You can measure the waist circumference. On the packaging of diapers are always written its main characteristics, so read carefully, you can not go wrong. The child will grow, diapers will need to be changed to larger ones. After the diapers are delivered home, try fitting. The child must be clean and dry, take care of this. The surface on which the child will lie, should be warm, pleasant to the touch. If the child is cold and uncomfortable, then he will be naughty every time you change his diaper.

We put on diapers

Prepare a diaper, open it. All rezinochki and velcro should be straightened. The child should be put on the back, on a warm soft horizontal surface. Take both feet of your baby with one hand. Raise the baby, put a diaper under it. Dip the baby on the surface. Insert the front of the diaper between the legs of the baby. Now you need to straighten the baby’s front part of the diaper on the baby’s tummy so that there are no wrinkles and creases.If the baby is very small and the umbilical wound has not yet healed, then it is necessary to bend part of the diaper so that it does not touch the navel. Now attach the velcro back of the diaper to the front. They should not be fixed tightly, but they should not be loosened at all, otherwise the diaper will fall down. Pull the Velcro, check the tight fit of the diaper. That's it, the kid is ready for fun!

Pampers for boys

Many young mummies have a question about how to wear a diaper boy. It turns out that caring grandmothers can suggest such a topic for discussion, caring about the male health of newborn grandchildren. Doctors came to the unanimous opinion that modern diapers can in no way damage a male infant. And do not lay his genitals in a special way when wearing a diaper. The main thing is to choose the right diapers on the weight and size of the child. If this condition is met, then nothing will snuggle and not sopret.

Pampers for the patient

In this case, everything is not so rosy. A patient, when he cannot go to the toilet himself, should be able to make it into a diaper. Psychologically, it is very difficult to make an adult.If there is no other way out, then it is necessary to explain to him that this is better than to do it on a sheet, mattress, bed. Therefore, three times a day you will change his diaper, this will greatly simplify the cares of his family to care for him. But first prepare, read how to put a diaper on a bed patient.

Then you go to the pharmacy and buy diapers to fit the patient. Then at home, take out one, open it, straighten it and start the process. First you need to turn the patient on its side. We put the straightened diaper next to it and turn the patient onto his back so that he lies on the diaper. Pass the front of the diaper between the legs and pull it forward on the stomach. Now the edges of the back of the diaper are pulled forward and fastened with velcro. If you use reusable Velcro, then carefully read the instructions, learn how to wear an adult diapers with fasteners of this type. Reusable may not be at hand, they can fall, get dirty when changing.