How to properly wear a condom?

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How to properly wear a condom?

Of course, important knowledge for everyday life comes to a person in different ways. Knowledge of the sexual sphere, in general, is not very widely broadcast on all possible channels of information transfer. But this situation does not diminish the importance of knowledge about sexual relationships.

Today we will touch on such a question - how to properly wear a condom? Despite the ease of this procedure, many young people, especially those inexperienced in the sphere of sexual relations, may be confused. What does it threaten with? The formation of uncertainty about a sexual partner and the transfer of the complex to a person’s personal life are only the most basic problems. Depending on the type of personality, absolutely different reactions can be observed, sometimes completely inadequate.

Instructions - how to wear a condom

Before you learn how to properly wear a condom, find out which condom is better:

  • Before starting sexual intercourse, place the condom in a convenient place.This can be a table, chair or under the pillow. Just do not disclose it until it is needed. This is a big mistake. While the condom is in the clear, it loses all its protective properties.
  • At the time of foreplay, when your penis is in a fully erect state, you need to tell the girl that you want to wear a condom. The packaging is not far from you, so you will not have to spend precious time looking for a condom. Open the package with your hands. Do not open the condom with cutting or piercing objects, because you can damage it. Open the condom and remove the packaging where you took it.
  • So, the condom is in your hands. Now it needs to be properly dressed. The main thing is to put the condom on the right side. Pinch the air reservoir of the condom with two fingers (this is the protrusion on its end). With the other hand, roll the foreskin of the penis, the head should remain bare. Attach the condom to the head of the penis and try rolling out the condom. If it rolls well, it means that you have found the right side. If the condom gets stuck, then you need to change the side.
  • Roll the condom from the head of the penis to its base.
  • Now you are ready for decisive action.

We hope that our article will help you to properly deal with a condom. Remember, condoms will protect you and your sexual partner from infections and from unplanned premature pregnancy. Good luck, dear reader!