How to wash the windows?

Marina Nazarenko
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How to wash the windows?

Our grandmothers were less fortunate when it came to washing windows than we were. They used mostly what they had to, diluted special solutions, invented by resourceful housewives, and then for a long time rubbed the glass with newspapers. Modern women, as well as men, have a choice what to wash windows, both among domestic means (from "Oknoli" to "Mr. Muskul" and "Glass & Window Cleaner"), and import.

Opinion experts about detergents

However, specialized cleaning companies that have had the opportunity to check almost all types of household chemicals for washing windows, insist that expensive imported products are still of higher quality and actually wash windows better than cheap, but well-advertised �blue water� with alcohol. The advantages of imported products is that they do not leave marks on the glasses, and even with very close examination of the glasses, no stains, no stains, are simply not visible.

Nevertheless, professionals preferred one domestic window cleaner. This is "Fae".It is proved that they are well washed off smoky windows facing the roadway. Also, if the question arose than to wash plastic windows, you can safely use this method.

Window washing procedure

  • Dilute the solution at the rate of 5 drops of Fairy detergent in a bucket of water.
  • First you need to wash the "fur coat" to get rid of pollution.
  • Wipe the glass with a rubber tie.
  • Ideally, the glass will be so clean that they simply will not be visible.

Everything new is well forgotten old

You can also use the advice of industrial climbers who, to clean the windows quickly and efficiently, use dishwashing detergents or a solution of oxalic or acetic acid.

Not only the pros in washing windows, but many housewives even with a huge selection of window cleaners prefer liquid ammonia solution, which can be made by dissolving 1 tsp. alcohol 1 l. water. This means you can wash well even window sills and frames. If the glass is very dirty, first wash it with soapy water, and then wipe it with a solution of ammonia.

Window cleaning tools

To remove the accumulated dirt in the corners of the window frames,use special dishwashing brushes, a rag or you can wrap cotton on a stick to reach hard-to-reach places. To make the window shine and eliminate stains, a soft cloth made of natural fabric or special cloths that can be purchased in stores is perfect.

But do not think that these wonderful tools will do the work for you. Even the pros say that only in that case there will be no stains on the glass, if you make an effort and thoroughly rub the surface of the windows.