How to understand what I want?

Very often we cannot understand what we really need from life. Many people know the unpleasant feeling of uncertainty and anxiety. If you ask the question “How to understand what I want in life?”, The following tips will help you understand yourself. Truly successful and happy can only be one who knows where he is going. If there is no goal, then there is nowhere to go and nothing to achieve.

A wish list

To find a goal in life, you need to understand what you want. To do this, try to write a wish list. It can be very long, try to remember everything you ever wanted. Spend on the compilation of such a list a few hours, do not rush. You may need a few days. Do not write meaningless phrases, but try to formulate desires specifically. Moreover, if you want to get a house, do not write such a desire in one word. Indicate how many floors there should be, whether you want to live outside the city, have a garden, etc. The more accurate you are, the better. This list will help you understand what you are missing, what you dream.Very often, starting to make a list of desires, people learn a lot about themselves. Try it and you.

Awareness of desire

At this step, try to understand what you really want and what you do not want. It is important to distract from the thought of whether it is possible to achieve the goal. Often, people give up their desires because it seems to them that the goal is illusory and unattainable. This makes it difficult to understand yourself and your desires. Abstracted from such thoughts and think about the items listed in the wish list. Perhaps you will understand that it is worth adding new items from which you unconsciously refused because of their inaccessibility. Think about various areas of our life, such as, for example, family, love, work, money, health, property. Try to realize what you really want.

Ideal life

If you ask yourself how to understand what I want, it means that you do not know yourself well enough. Few are accustomed to listening to the inner voice and fantasizing. But you have to do both. To realize your real desires associated with work, study, relationships and other areas of life, you need to relax and give vent to fantasy.Retire, calm down and close your eyes. Now try to imagine a lifestyle that would be perfect for you. Who do you see yourself by profession? Where do you live? Who do you live with? How do you spend your free time? Answer yourself a series of similar questions. Then imagine just one day that would be perfect for you. How would you spend it? Remember or write down the answers. If you want, write a short story about it. From time to time, go back to him to see if you are on the right track.

Tell us about your desires

If you can not understand what you want and doubts overcome you, there is nothing better than to voice your thoughts. Speaking out loud always has more weight. As soon as you tell someone about your desires, you will immediately understand whether you really want it. For such a conversation would suit a good friend or any person you trust. Be extremely frank and tell everything as it is. You can not even ask the opinion of the interlocutor, because you yourself will see how sincere your words sound. The formulation of desires is very effective. You may be aware of some vague desire, but only by saying it out loud will you give it a specific form and meaning.