How to understand a husband?

Conflict situations between spouses - this is normal. If you sometimes quarrel with your husband, then you should not think that your marriage did not succeed, that everyone around them lives exclusively in silence and harmony. If you love a person, then any phrase can hook you up; quite the opposite happens when you are indifferent - whatever he does, you will not give a damn. It is important to understand that there are different pairs. The first - having a row, will take out some useful information from a quarrel about how to do it is not necessary or should not be said, they will understand each other and come to reconciliation. And the second couple will quarrel, but will not want to either listen or compromise. To prevent this from happening, you need to know how to understand your husband.


Unfortunately, conflicts often break into our lives and disrupt its normal course. They do this unexpectedly, getting up early in the morning and kissing her husband, we still do not suspect that in the evening we don’t want to talk to him. Why is this happening? Most often, blame female emotionality and vulnerability. Admit to yourselves that you have had situations when you just got angry.If we were able to behave more calmly, first understand the situation, and then only break the wood, then half of the negative in the relationship would not have happened. Let's look at some common conflicts between a couple:

  1. Time and attention. Something important has happened for you, you are on an emotional high, you want to quickly share this information with a loved one. Without thinking, you dial his number. After a short: “Hello”, you quickly start sharing your impressions, telling everything that happened, and in response you hear annoyance. In the classic scenario, you are upset, a quarrel breaks out from scratch, and after a while you, not he, do not remember the real cause of the conflict. One thought in my head: Probably, the husband does not understand me at all! But things could be different. If you first asked what the husband is doing and why he is not in the mood, you would find out right away that he is all at work, and maybe something is not going well with him.
  2. Money. Sometimes there are periods when the couple does not have enough money for a normal lifestyle. The husband tries to remain calm, pretending that nothing is happening.Of course, his wife is angry, it seems to her that he does not worry about it at all. Scandals and reproaches begin. But wait to accuse him of inaction, if he does not show his feelings, this does not mean that in reality this is the case. Most likely, he wants to reassure you with his positive attitude or his ego does not allow him to show that he failed. Do not judge him too harshly, it is better to unite and think together how to get out of this situation. You have consciously connected your lives, and therefore, always be for each other.
  3. Help. Now imagine that you had a fight with your husband because he was not in a hurry to take the things you asked for to your mother. He is a man, he must be your assistant! Surely, you have a similar situation. Think about whether he feels comfortable in the company of your mother? If not, try to help them communicate, create the necessary conditions for this.

Such situations can be quite a lot. Getting into any of them, first consider everything, and only then bring down the storm on his man. If you want to know how to understand what a husband wants, follow some rules:

  • When he refuses to fulfill your requests, do not be offended by him, but make sure that he himself wants to fulfill your desires. Promise something in return, then he cannot refuse you.
  • Learn to make certain concessions yourself, consider his wishes, because he is also a living person with his feelings. Put yourself sometimes in its place, so it will be easier for you to understand it.
  • Approve the actions of your halves, support him show that they can be his moral support. He will begin to listen to you, which is what you need.
  • Often the wife does not understand her husband when he can’t guess at all what she wants. It would seem that all the hints are pretty transparent, but he seems to be pretending not to notice them on purpose. Lovely women, finally understand one thing - men need to say everything in their eyes. Do you want a new dress, do not beat around the bush, otherwise you will have to wait for this dress for a couple more years. Just say what you need and period. Well, they are not able to recognize the hints!
  • Learn to listen to your loved one. We are women, talking about several things at once. We love the details, they are not. Men often lose interest in the conversation, because we interrupt them, clarifying some information that in their opinion does not make the slightest sense. Just listen.Ask questions after his story. If you carefully listen to everything he tells you, then perhaps you will not need any questions. When he realizes that you are the one to open up, you will know everything about his life, not only at home, but also at work.

You are a woman, so be stronger, try to make your family have harmony and love, not eternal scandals! And do not postpone everything indefinitely, so that you do not have to think later about how to understand your ex-husband.