How to transfer money to webmoney

You will need
  • - electronic wallet in the Webmoney system;
  • - purse number of the payee in the same system;
  • - the balance covering the amount of transfer and commission of the system.
Log in to the Webmoney system in one of the possible ways. Usually the “Wallets” tab opens first when you log in to your account. If not, go to it, select the wallet from which you want to transfer, and hover over the picture to the right of its number in the table. “Context menu” should appear on the screen. Click on the picture. Select the option “Send WM” in the drop-down list, and in the list that opens next - “To Webmoney Wallet”.
In the form that opens, enter in the desired field the amount you want to transfer, or the one you intend to spend on the transfer, taking into account the commission. If necessary, you can enter an explanation, for example, for what and from whom the translation.Unlike a bank, mail or transfer system, here you are free to write whatever you think is necessary, but with the amendment: there is little space.
If you want to insure against an error, tick the box “With the patronage of the transaction.” In the fields that open, optionally enter a period in days, after whichmoneymust be returned to your account (for example, 1, 3 or 10 days), and in the field for the code - an arbitrary combination of numbers. If you choose the option “by time”, the code is not required, it is enough time.
Click on the "Send" button. Upon request of the system, go through additional authorization.