How to transfer money to MTS?

Tamara Kovalenko
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How to transfer money to MTS?

Sometimes there are situations when there is no money on the phone, and you need to call urgently. What to do in this case? How to transfer money to MTS? You can transfer money to the MTS in different ways: via the Internet and directly by phone.

How to replenish an account on the MTS website

  • Payment MTS with phone number. On the MTS website, the phone number is filled in, on which the balance will be replenished, the amount in rubles and the phone number from which the money will be transferred.
  • Replenishment of the phone with the service "promised payment". In this case, you need to log in to �Your office� on the MTS website by phone number and password. In different regions, the amount of "promised payment" may vary.
  • With a credit card MTS-Money. On the MTS website are filled in: account number, date of birth, last name, first name, patronymic name, amount.
  • In order not to display credit card information on the Internet, it is possible to replenish the account on the phone with the help of the virtual card MTS - Money, by entering only the phone number and password.
  • You can replenish the balance on the phone with the help of electronic money: Visa Qiwi Wallet, ONPay, IntellectMoney, RBKMoney, . Replenishment is possible up to 5000 rubles.

Payment by credit card

To do this, you need to enter the website of the financial institution, from the card of which the balance of your phone will be replenished, fill in the phone number, the amount in rubles, bank card details. You can set up "auto payment" and the balance of the phone will be automatically charged from a bank card.

Other payment methods

  • "Promised payment" can be obtained by dialing∗111∗7 # and following the menu items, specify the amount of transfer
  • You can transfer money within the network via SMS to the number 9060 or dial∗112∗�phone number without 8∗�transfer amount # call key.
  • If you are left without money on the phone - then you can use the service �Deposit My Account�. On the phone is typed∗116∗�phone number # call key.
  • To transfer money from Megafon to MTS a request is sent∗133∗�transfer amount∗�recipient's number #. The payment must be from 10 to 150 rubles, 5 rubles will be withdrawn from the sender.
  • Replenishment of an account from Beeline to MTS takes place on command∗112∗�recipient's number∗�amount of payment #. This service is free.
  • For subscribers of other companies, you can transfer money from MTS as a team∗115 #. Then in the menu, select 1, and then the points. The cost of this service is 7 rubles.