How to tie shoelaces?

Not so long ago, most people did not even think about how to tie shoelaces in a way that is different from the classic butterfly knot. But time does not stand still, and now our views are increasingly turned towards the shoes of the interlocutor. And to be like everyone else has already become boring. Do you want something new, extraordinary, beautiful in such a simple, at first glance, case, how to tie shoelaces? You are welcome! Our article is about how cool to tie shoelaces. And as a pleasant addition, the second part of the article is devoted to the method of teaching children to tie shoelaces. Read the article completely, you will no longer have a question about how to teach a child to tie shoelaces.

How beautiful to tie shoelaces on your shoes

Perhaps, we will lower the classic tying of laces in favor of more interesting ways of this action. Let's talk directly about how to tie your shoelaces quickly.

First node, fast

To start, take a string in your hand. We will talk about how to tie shoelaces on sneakers. We tie shoelaces, not laced shoes!

So, both ends of the lace must be firmly held in the fingers. Then make a loop at both ends of the lace. Finish the knot by looping through each other. The knot is simple and fastens very quickly!

Second node, safe

Repeat the first two steps of the above method, how to tie shoelaces. After making the loops, cross them twice between them, and in the hole resulting from the crossing, skip the loops. The site is very beautiful, symmetrical and reliable.

Third node, two-looped

At the ends of the lace we prepare very narrow and long loops. We tie into a knot in such a way that both ends of the lace face one side. The knot, as they say, "an amateur" - outwardly pretty, unreliable in essence.

Fourth node, two-step

Ideal for those who are interested in how to tie shoelaces on sneakers. The title is easy to explain - the node is executed in two stages. Its essence is as follows: first tie the laces as usual, making two loops. Then release one loop. And the second stage is the re-knot, use the existing loop and make a new one from the released lace. Such a node has a very high reliability and non-standard form, try it!

Fifth node, double two-looped

This knot is actually the apogee of the applied lace weave. Tying a knot will not be easy, but it will justify the labor costs with its excellent appearance and good reliability.

Cross both loops (narrow enough as in method 3), and slide one of the loops into the hole in the middle. In parallel with this, wrap this loop around the opposite two (maybe three) times and tighten.

Perhaps, on this note we will finish the first part of the article. I think it became clear to everyone how correctly, and most importantly, to tie shoelaces extraordinarily and beautifully!

How to teach a child to tie shoelaces

Yeah, it's not easy. The skill of how to tie shoelaces is not easy for a child to master. Yes, and all children are differently learnable and perceive things at different ages with some difficulties. Some can learn to tie shoelaces by 4 years, someone has to overcome the bar at 7 years. There is nothing terrible in the fact that your five-year-old child cannot learn to tie shoelaces.

But if you want to learn how to tie shoelaces, you will have to acquire patience and equipment. Namely - shoes with laces.But it can be uninteresting for children to be engaged with a shoe, and therefore toy stores are fed up with special lace-up toys.

It is necessary to show the way of lacing, sitting at the child behind his back, pulling his hands in front of him, naturally. What's the point? The fact is that it will be easier for the child to perceive information on how to tie the laces correctly; his brain will not have to try to mirror the image of the person sitting in front of him and his actions. But most often this simple step becomes a stumbling block!

I would like to advise you to praise your student more often. After all, the fact that moderate praise is the best incentive for a child has long been known! But try not to praise it, otherwise the child will think that he is right in any situation, even throwing the shoe out the window. No way. Suppose there is no whip in our methods, but we should not feed gingerbread for “just like that”.

And in general, begin to develop fine motor skills in a child at a very early age. There is a huge selection of ready-made solutions in the store - all kinds of Lego toys and similar products. In extreme cases, you can give the child the same string with beads or with beads, the way he iterates, sorts them only in his well-known algorithm - it does not matter.The main thing is that these classes will not only develop motor skills and attentiveness, but also increase its intellectual potential.

I think you will no longer have difficulties with how to teach your child to tie shoelaces. This is just along with Ellhau!