How to tie hands?

In order to tie the hands of a person, you need to use a reliable knot, because it is important to fix the position of the brushes and deprive the person of the ability to move. If you do not know how to tie the hands, then follow the steps described in the article. To tie the proposed method, you need a strong rope.


  • Take a rope 2 meters long or more. The length depends on the growth of the one you decide to tie. Too short or too long rope can complicate the process.
  • The enemy must lie on the ground. So it will be easier to perform the necessary actions. If this position of the person being connected is not possible, carry out the process standing
  • Bend the hands of the person behind the back and press them to the forearms. If you are sitting on an opponent, you can fix your forearm with tight hips.
  • Take out the prepared rope and take one of its ends with your right hand. You need to make a tightening loop. The process of its implementation is described in detail in the next paragraph.
  • Wind the rope around your left hand in one turn.Then take the free end of the rope with your left hand, then tighten the loop. If you have done all the steps correctly, then you should have a loop that will drag on if you pull the longer end of the rope.
  • Look at the short end of the rope, its length should be about 30 centimeters.
  • The resulting loop should be put on the right person’s wrist. After performing this action, throw the long end of the rope over the right shoulder of the person to be tied.
  • Stretch the rope under the chest and pass it under the elbow to the left.
  • In order to tie your hands behind your back, you must skip the loop rope, which was obtained as a result of previous actions. Now put the person's left hand on the rope and wrap it around her wrist.
  • After that, you need to rewind the rope first, right and then left wrist. Pay attention to the wrists were located at least two turns of the rope. The more you wrap your wrists, the tighter and tighter the knot will turn out. This will limit the movement of the bind more effectively.
  • Now you need to take the short end of the rope and wind their arms in the opposite direction. After that, fix the ends of the rope.This can be done with an ordinary knot, because the hands of the person being tied are already securely immobilized.

Tying the hands of a person in this way is easiest in the prone position. But in a standing position, this method is also effective. At the same time, remember that it can be more difficult to control the movements of your opponent while he is standing.

If you’ve never encountered such a need before and don’t know what the right hands should look like, a video with detailed instructions can help. To learn this process, you can contact the instructor or carefully read and remember the instructions above. Practice on your acquaintances to feel confident if you need to tie someone's hands in an emergency.