How to tie a wide scarf

You will need
  • - wide scarf;
  • - brooch;
  • - pin;
  • - fantasy.
Wrap your neck. Casually wound in several layers widescarfsuitable for the image of a bohemian artist, bonvivana, socialite. Do not forget about asymmetry: if you leave loose ends, let them be of different lengths or from different sides (throw one of them onto your back).
Use different kinds of knots. European knot - a way of tying a widescarfand in the form of a loop. To do this, fold it in half, then wrap foldedscarfaround the neck, stretching the two ends inside the ring formed by folding. Do not tighten it around your neck.
Wrap yourself inscarf: this way of draping is similar to swaddling a baby. It is suitable for widescarfs made of thin materials. You should turn into it and fixscarfinvisible node. In the summer, take for this a stole of natural fabric: this will avoid sunburn.
Knitscarfon the head. Take widescarffrom a thin material, throw it on the head, pull it tight on the back of the head, twist the fabric into a tight braid and tie a knot. Endsscarfand should be dissolved so that they look more magnificent.
Make a turban or a turban. Stylishly, sometimes a turban looks somewhat extravagant, this oriental wardrobe item entered European fashion many centuries ago. This headpiece made fromscarfor a stole would be appropriate at the opening of an art exhibition or walking around the city on a warm day. Cover your head with a piece of cloth orscarfso that the hanging ends are the same length. Cross the ends on the back of the head, then again on the forehead and tuck them right and left under the fabric assembly.