How to bind a man to yourself?

Finally found the one and only, with whom I want to be all the time? This is wonderful, but what if a man is not attached to a woman as much as she is to him? After all, strong relationships need strong feelings, so every woman needs to learn how to bind a man to herself.

A joke is common in social networks: if you want to make a man happy, feed him, make love to him and leave him alone. In part, this is true, but in such a primitive way it is difficult to bind a man to himself.

How to forever tie a man to himself so that he does not look at others? There are some tips.

Male psychology

  1. A man is a leader, and a woman submits to him. This understanding evolved over the centuries and firmly lodged in the subconscious of man. Let us set aside the feminist views, since they will not help us in this matter. What you need is this: learn to give in to a man, to obey him, but not in everything. So the relationship will be harmonious. But do not get carried away too much - with a girl who always agrees in everything, life is boring, especially if she does it to her own detriment.
  2. Develop an interest in him.Again, the ancient instinct is to blame, only now it is a hunting one: when a man wins a victory, he quickly relaxes and starts to get bored. You have to become a game that can never be completely caught. It is not necessary to call your beloved five hundred times a day, try to please him in everything, say where you are going and from whom the flowers are ... It is also important not to overdo it. He must understand that he has not won you to the end. Always like this!
  3. Men love sincere beautiful compliments in their address. It is difficult to abandon a woman who supports male confidence that he is the best! Girls, a skillful compliment - a very powerful weapon!
  4. Become a loved one for him, reveal yourself as an interesting person, but not to the end. Share your thoughts, thoughts, feelings, fears, dreams with him. Try to find a lot in common. Make friends with a man, but as a woman.
  5. Respect his right to privacy. This applies to personal time, personal items, personal space. Without freedom, a person begins to choke, and a man, moreover, tries to escape from you in all possible ways.In the end, you, too, must have personal interests! If the meaning of your life is only in a relationship with him, alas, but the man will soon leave you.

We are active

  • The man is very flattered by the admiring attitude of friends towards his lady. Get to know them, make friends and try to make a good impression on them.
  • Joint activities will help to get closer to each other, especially if both are interested. What to do together - decide for yourself. So, you can spend time together in the kitchen preparing a new exotic dish, and then eat your culinary masterpiece with a glass of wine.
  • Impact on the subconscious men. The feeling of trust and friendship in each person is caused by those people who are similar to him. So with men: get yourself something from what only he has, start doing what he does, copy in something. For example, the beloved loves swimming. Join with him in one pool and swim together.
  • In every way demonstrate to the man, how you feel good with him. Smile, always be in a good mood, take care of him with joy, say pleasant words, with pleasure and without failures make love to him.When a man, tired and shaken, returns home, and there a gentle, kind and understanding woman meets him, he will someday, begin to appreciate it and be afraid of losing you.

Sexual relationship

How to tie a man having sex? Inexperienced girls are interested in this, naively believing that sex is the only thing that can bind a man to a woman. In fact, if a woman has nothing to offer a man other than intima, he will not stay with her for long. After all, to find sex in our time is easier than ever, but love and a strong relationship are not given to everyone. Of course, such an idea appeared for women for a reason, and everyone knows that men really like sex. Therefore, sex is not a method of binding a man to himself, but a very strong helper that cannot be ignored. First, let's talk about typical female mistakes in sex.

What not to do

  1. To be too affordable. To dress in extremely short skirts and tops, to behave provocatively sexy and try to drag a man to bed. With this behavior, a man will have one single thought: �This is a prostitute�, and therefore, an appropriate attitude towards a woman.It is better to be charming, with charm, dress moderately sexy with light erotic hints (open button on blouse and the like).
  2. Talk about all your adventures. First, a man may have a thought from point 1. Secondly, he may start to get lost and doubt that he is able to satisfy such an experienced woman. Thirdly, a normal man does not see such a woman the mother of his children. It is enough that you are not a virgin (and if a virgin, then do not hide it).
  3. It is not enough to talk about your sexual experience, you need to confirm this with actions. Do not try to show the man all the things that you have learned with past partners on the first intimate night. Let it happen gradually, and he will be pleased every time something new.
  4. It is also not necessary to indicate to a man his disadvantages in sex: a small dick, inability to satisfy a woman, inability to kiss passionately, etc. It is better to gently try to rectify the situation as you need, in your own words, with suggestions and requests. Lying is also not necessary - do not pretend to orgasm, but teach a man to give you real pleasure.

What should be sex

How to bind a man completely and irrevocably? On top of that, make your sex perfect.

  • To make a man have sexual desire, be beautiful, well-groomed and sexy. You can read about how to achieve all this in a variety of articles on our website.
  • Get and demonstrate the pleasure of sex with him. The man rises sharply self-esteem when he sees a satisfied and happy woman.
  • Be an experimenter. Change, offer new poses, games, non-standard situations. It will be interesting to the man.
  • Be proactive. Try to never refuse sex to your beloved and often start pestering him first.
  • Be able to bring him pleasure. To do this, often �from above�, as well as in those poses that he likes. Examine its erogenous zones and influence them.

Well, now you know how to bind a man to yourself. Successes in this hard business!