How to teach a child to sit down?

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How to teach a child to sit down?

A very important question - the development of a baby under the age of one year - continues to occupy the attention of caring mothers. Especially when there is a concern with traditional generally accepted terms: when a child should crawl, when to sit, walk, talk. Many parents sincerely try to help the little ones learn how to do all this as early as possible. About how to teach a child to sit down without harming him at the same time, our today's "master class".

Timing issues

We remind: girls carry out development faster than boys, and children who are overweight are less active than their peers. Some children sit on their own as early as four months (do not pack much), and some do not sit at seven. And the options when your child learns to crawl and stand before learning how to sit are generally quite common. Do not worry about this. Everything has its time. But if you are still worried, contact a specialist.A good pediatrician will surely calm excessive emotions and tell parents how to help the child.

Boys and girls

There is an opinion of the doctors that it is necessary to practice with the boys from five months, but with girls it is not necessary to hurry, in order not to provoke the abnormal development of the pelvic organs (bend of the uterus). In general, if your child does not sit at 6 months alone - this is not a tragedy!

Warm up muscles

Here we will help massage techniques and special exercises described in the article How to teach a child to sit.

It is best to take courses paid massage, then to use these techniques on their own. It is also useful to bathe a child in an adult bath filled to the brim with a special circle around his neck supporting his head. Your baby is actively ploping at the same time and has legs - and the muscles become stronger!

Learning to play

Mom sits on the floor, spread her legs wide enough. He backs up the baby with his back, so that he will lean on her belly, like on an armchair. Opposite the child, a little beyond the distance of the outstretched arms, should be his favorite soft toy, for which it would be convenient to grab. Move the toy right and left.The child periodically clutches at her, and the back muscles become significantly stronger (vertebral corset).


This gym ball for fitness must be at least 70 centimeters in diameter. We put the child on the ball and roll it in different directions on the tummy, tilting to the left and right. Then we rest - just lying on the ball. Then we roll the kid in a circle. Then - on the back. Sometimes after several sessions, the muscles are strengthened so that he can sit and even lift cubes from the floor.

And developing gymnastics can be useful for your kid. There are many ways. By the way, and the child can sit down from different positions. Some - with all fours, some - falling over on one side, leaning on his arm. Use priorities, it greatly facilitates the task.