How to take part in electronic trading

Get an electronic digital signature (EDS). It is needed for the implementation of electronic documents on the ETP website. The signature is issued by special authorized certification centers. The procedure for obtaining electronic signature and the list of documents required for its receipt can be found on the website of the center you selected.
In the course of electronic trading, in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, the proposal, certified by a digital signature, acquires legal significance.
Pass authorization on the site of the operator (ETP). Usually for this there is a special section "Registration of the participant."
Complete the participant’s accreditation on the ETP website. The list of documents required for this can be found on the website. Scan documents. In the section “Accreditation” fill in the application form for accreditation, attach scan-copies to the application, sign their EDS and send to the operator.You will receive a notification of accreditation or refusal no later than 5 business days. In case of a positive decision, the operator will also send you the details of the account for carrying out operations to secure an application for participation in electronic auctions.
Apply for participation in the auction. In accordance with the requirements of open auction documentation, create the first and second parts of the application. Scan the necessary documents, sign them with EDS and send an application to the operator. The operator will check the application and the availability of the security on your account within an hour. Before the deadline for submission of bids, you can send a request to the operator to clarify the provisions of the documentation on the auction. You can also find explanations on the ETP website.