How to strengthen teeth?

Often we think about something when it is already getting late. And it’s unpleasant that such a trend is monitored in matters of their own health, teeth are no exception. How to strengthen teeth for an adult? This will be discussed in our article today.

How to strengthen tooth enamel at home

Many people simply do not believe that you can strengthen your teeth without spending big money on the help of specialists. But in fact, traditional medicine has many means to strengthen the tooth enamel without the risk of remaining deceived.

Some of us like to say that our teeth are able to cope with bacteria and microorganisms that enter our body. In fact, it is simply impossible. Food consumed by us does not strengthen our teeth, but on the contrary, destroys them.

In folk medicine, there are really many ways to strengthen teeth. And these methods were improved and tested by generations of different people, so their benefit is indisputable.

  • Milk is the surest way to strengthen loose teeth.We draw your attention to the fact that milk should be natural, and not diluted from a powder mixture, of which a great variety offers us an assortment of stores. Choose milk without any additives and as much as possible fat content.

How to use milk to strengthen teeth? We take one glass of milk, add 3 drops of tea tree oil there and rinse the oral cavity with this solution. The tool easily copes with harmful microbes and helps to improve your breathing. If you do this rinse regularly, then in addition to strengthening the tooth enamel, you also prevent tooth decay.

  • Also, to strengthen your teeth, we recommend that you eat as many foods containing calcium and fluoride as possible. If you want to strengthen and gums, then consume more solid foods, such as apples.

Vitamins that strengthen teeth

Yes, of course, this is vitamin D. Seriously go to the choice of toothpaste and the process of brushing your teeth. After all, you may not want to rinse your mouth every day with milk, but you should brush your teeth regularly. Of course, the paste must contain calcium and fluorine, as mentioned above.A small note: it is undesirable for some people to use a paste with fluorine for various reasons, so it is useful to find out from your dentist if you are suitable for fluoride and, in general, what ingredients should be contained in the paste for your teeth.

Alternative ways to strengthen teeth

  • Melt 100 grams of beeswax. Add 50 grams of honey, 10 drops of lemon juice and 3 drops of mint oil. Mix to form a homogeneous mass. Let cool, make small balls and start to chew them. We chew 3-4 times a day, it will strengthen your tooth enamel and gums well.
  • It is also useful for strengthening teeth to chew on lemon bones. The composition of lemon pits includes calcium and phosphorus, necessary for the normal development and growth of teeth.
  • Another good way to strengthen your teeth. Type half a cup of calamus roots, crush well. Fill them with 1.5 liters. vodka, leave to brew for a week. Yes, not fast, I agree, but it's worth it. In parallel with this 1.5 l. vodka pour 10 grams of grated propolis, leave to infuse for a week. After everything is easy, strain these infusions. Mix in the ratio of 1: 1 (take a teaspoon).This mixture rinse your mouth for a month before bedtime.

I think we gave a fair amount of advice on how to strengthen our teeth. If you have any proven and effective methods, then you are welcome - state them in the comments to this article.