How to stop being afraid?

Why are we afraid of something? According to most psychologists, fear takes its roots from our childhood. There are no such fears that would be genetically rooted in a person, all our phobias are acquired. For example, the fear of the dark may well develop from watching horror movies, and the cause of the fear of water may be an accident that occurred in childhood. But if a person can acquire fear, then in the same way he can get rid of him. How to stop being afraid and forget about your fears?

How to stop being afraid of fighting

Before you eliminate this or that fear, you need to understand its root cause. Fear of a fight can be associated with the fear of punishment for inflicting violence on someone, it can appear because of a good upbringing of a person, or for very simple reasons - fear of possible pain and inability to fight.

If you figure out the cause, you can proceed to its eradication. Often fear can be overcome, if on purpose, day after day, to expose oneself to the subjects of one’s phobias. Sign up for the fight section and overcome your fear over and over again.If you can not do this, use your imagination. The uniqueness of human consciousness is that it is often difficult to distinguish the real from the imaginary. Imagine yourself in a fight, in a fight, imagine everything to the smallest detail. "Practice" in this way in your imagination, and then proceed to the actual training.

How to stop being afraid of people

Often there are people for whom their shyness and modesty have already become pathological, and they avoid contact with people in every way for one reason: they are afraid of them. In order to overcome this fear, it is necessary to perform a series of exercises from time to time, which will help to relax and gain confidence and at the same time lose the fear of strangers.

  • Try to start asking for time on the street, be interested in the direction of the bus, the location of a particular house.
  • Take a telephone directory and start calling various organizations and asking various questions: about working hours, services provided, etc.
  • Come to the home appliance store and ask a consultant to tell you about the TVs in this store.Come to another store and at the suggestion of the consultant to help you answer a decisive refusal.
  • Come to the pharmacy and ask the pharmacist about the assortment of condoms. Buy a pack and thank the seller.
  • Conduct a survey on any question, even the most idiotic.

Think of new tests for yourself and literally force yourself to perform them. Over time, you will get rid of your phobia and gain confidence in yourself.

How to stop being afraid of death

Many people are afraid of an old woman with a scythe. Fear of death, especially sudden, is quite normal, but when the fear of death develops into an obsessive idea, the situation requires changes.

In order to get rid of the fear of death, you need to make your life as complete as possible. Make a list of what you think you need to do at least once in your life. And start to fulfill this list. You will see, with time you will cease to fear death, seeing how full your life is.

How to stop being afraid of the dark

Fear of the dark also has its dark shades, and with them - and various methods of treatment. Doctors do not advise in this case the method of "wedge-wedge", that is, in spite of their fears for a long time to be in dark rooms. This method can further harm your psyche.So, if you are afraid that someone can get into a dark room or get through a window, put a heavy object next to you to calm your mind.

If you are simply unreasonably afraid of a dark room, gradually accustom yourself to fall asleep in the dark. To get started, go to sleep when the desk lamp is on. After a few days or weeks, turn on the light in the corner of the room (for example, in a night-light) and sleep with such light. After a while, try to sleep with the light in the next room. After another couple of weeks, you can turn off all the lights in the house and sleep peacefully.

How to stop being afraid of the dentist

Think about what you are most afraid of in dentistry? If this is pain, then you should be afraid only if you come to the doctor with a completely neglected tooth - with pulpitis or half-ruined walls. In this case, the dentist really cannot cure the tooth painlessly for you. Well, if you just need to heal a couple of holes - absolutely nothing to fear. Today, the phrase “you need to be patient a little” can no longer be heard - painkillers have long advanced. If you are afraid of the injection, tell the doctor about it and you will be given application anesthesia simply by spraying painkillers on the gums.

How to stop being afraid to fly

Many airlines hold special paid sessions to save their customers from aerophobia. If you want to cope with the illness on your own, use the following tips:

  • get enough sleep before flying
  • don't watch films about catastrophes
  • collect a selection of soothing music on the player,
  • Take a laptop with interesting movies and games on the road,
  • do not buy tickets with seats near the porthole, as well as at the tail of the aircraft,
  • drink a sedative course
  • try to sleep on board the aircraft,
  • if your heart starts to beat, take 10 deep breaths to reduce panic levels.