How to run a flashlight?

Inna Kostenko
Inna Kostenko
September 8, 2014
How to run a flashlight?

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How to run a flashlight?

On mass flash mobs for launching air lanterns, one can observe not only a slender row of “fireflies” in the sky, but also many unraveled, burnt and torn products on the ground. And all due to the fact that many simply do not know how to properly run the sky lanterns. Our instruction will help you with this simple task.

How to start a Chinese flashlight: instructions

  1. Remove product from packaging.
  2. Holding the metal rim of the structure with your hands, gently shake it so that the flashlight is completely flattened and filledFlashlightby air.
  3. Each fireball is completed with a burner - a small briquette, most often paraffin. Take the torch and pass the loops that are at the intersection of the wire into its hole. To fix the fuel cell, the eyelets should be bent.
  4. Light the briquette evenly on all sides.
  5. When it starts to heat up, lower the flashlight closer to the ground so that the air warms up faster.
  6. After 1-1.5 minutes, when the ball starts breaking itself, take it by the bottom, lift it upwards with your outstretched arms and release.

Enjoy the flight of a glowing flashlight, you can from 5 to 20 minutes.

Precautionary measures

The sky lantern is made of thick paper, soaked in a solution that prevents it from igniting. But this does not mean that it does not burn at all. When the air under the dome reaches high temperatures, the product becomes vulnerable to spontaneous combustion, so it can not be shaken and throw.Flashlight

Flying lanterns are allowed to run in open areas, away from residential buildings, power lines, gas stations, railway stations, airports and woodlands. There should not be any garlands, advertising signs, banners or other flammable structures nearby. For violation of these rules, a fine of 1 thousand rubles.

Obtaining official permission to launch flashlights is not necessary (except for mass actions), but in order to avoid accidental arson, you should contact the fire department in advance.

In Chinese culture, it is customary to make a wish before launching a sky lantern.It is forbidden to cling to the ball notes with the wishes - foreign objects can cause ignition.