How to stab a bang?

Fashion is changing rapidly from year to year. Even last year, everyone politely cut their bangs, and today they are wondering: how to kill a bang? Or did you get to the armless master, and now you are waiting for your bangs to grow?

Anyway, there are several ways to stab a beautiful bang.

Method one. Normal

The easiest way is to stab your bangs back. To do this, the bangs are not being combed down, as usual, but up, then laid back and stabbed with a hairpin. This option is perfect for daily use, if you are in a hurry somewhere or bangs you with its length.

The second way. Flirty

Doing the same thing, only now you can not slap your bangs straight back, but slightly in the side. Do you think the changes will be invisible? And you try. Looks very nice and does not climb into the eyes. This option is also well suited for daylight, but if you need to make an impression. The bangs removed in this way look beautiful with hair that is slightly tied at the ends.

The third way. Aggressive

This method is good if you want to stretch your face, as well as for more aggressive hairstyles. Now, combing the bangs up, you are slightly combing it from the inside. In the normal state, this side would be external, but since you will slap your bang, it will become internal. So that all beauty does not fall apart, it is best to fix it with varnish. This option bangs looks good with the effect of wet hair - when the whole hairstyle looks bulky and slightly sloppy. Or you can imitate the mohawk by smoothing the hair over the ears and stabbing them with invisible hair. So you can go to a disco or a youth party.

The fourth method. Evening

Another option for how to stab a bang - smoothly comb it on its side. You can gently comb a beautiful long bang on the side that you like and poke at the ear or on the temple. Such a bang with some high hairstyle looks especially good. This option is suitable for an evening out or an official reception when you need to look elegant and elegant.

The fifth way. Bright

The fifth way is suitable by trying to find an option, how to stab a short bang.Alas, none of the previous methods for owners of short bangs will work. Here you can try to lay bangs somehow differently with hair gel, mousse and varnish. Or you can collect many, many bright hairpins and experiment with them.

  1. On the side. You also brush the bangs on the side and stab it in several places with barrettes. The result will be a playful composition. It is possible for equilibrium also to pin up the hair on the temple on the other side.
  2. On two sides. Here you split the bass along the parting, if you wear a flat parting, and also with some hairpins, you tuck back and slightly to the sides.

Whatever way you choose, the main thing is your pleasure from both the process itself and the final result. Successful experiments!