How to spend time with a friend?

How nice to be in the circle of your friends: you can have plenty of fun, relax and just have a good time among your friends! But if all meetings with friends take place according to the same scenario, then even the most positive person will get bored. What to do? Search for new options and ways to work together. We offer you a few ideas, both simple and more unusual, perhaps something will interest your company.

Variants for the whole company

How to spend time with friends? Sometimes, in order to find a new occupation, it’s not at all necessary to puzzle over, it’s enough to recall those that have been known to everyone for a long time and are ideal for a friendly company:

  • Joint trip to the cinema. For a company of friends comedy, horror (together not so scary), fantastic films, “big cinema” will be good.
  • Get together in an inexpensive cozy cafe, eat pizza and chat on different topics.
  • In the evening and at night you can go to a good bar or club.
  • Theaters, museums and exhibitions will suit art lovers.
  • A picnic in the park or in the forest can be very pleasant and romantic. If you go to the shore of a lake in the forest, you can make a fire, sing songs together with a guitar and tell each other different life stories.
  • If one of your friends has a good car, why not take a ride around the city to places where you have not been before, or close to the city?
  • Arrange gatherings at home. "Sitting" at home can be diluted with cocktails, interesting snacks, pleasant music, movies, thematic conversations.
  • Games for the company. There are a lot of them - "Monopoly", "Crocodile", "Twister", card games, contests. Fun is guaranteed, and your friends can be better known in the game.

Options for guys

Where to spend time with friends, when you are a purely male company, and get tired of getting together from someone at home and just talk?

  • Fishing is a great option for a male company. And you can arrange a whole vacation with food, tents in nature, and not just fish. Take a break from the bustle of the city, talk and just have a great time in nature!
  • Bowling and billiards - trite, but still better than just sitting at home.
  • An option for the brave and those who have the time and money is to plan a trip around the country to other cities for a long period of time. We need a car, a well thought out route and a cheerful company!
  • How to spend time with a friend if you are two? You can go to a strip club, especially if both have no girlfriends who are against it. Even if you never walked, why not try at least once for the sake of curiosity?
  • Another option for a male company is a game. Football, basketball and other sports games suitable for men.
  • Finally, you can just chop along with your favorite toy. PlayStation, Xboh - at your service!

Options for girls

Girls' companies like to communicate very much, so girls rarely get tired of just sitting, drinking tea, chatting and discussing something or someone. However, for a change, you can do this:

  • Joint shopping. It is not necessary to spend a lot and drive only the most expensive shops. Keep an eye on different things, try on, evaluate each other, give advice, discuss. So a friend will help you choose the best, and buy something new from clothes or cosmetics.
  • Go see the little animals in the zoo.
  • Visit a beauty salon together or arrange salon treatments at home for each other.
  • Arrange at home a pajama or some other party along with watching a "purely female" movie about love, heart-to-heart chat.
  • Engage in joint creativity and needlework - crafts, sewing, making jewelry, knitting, writing poems and stories, drawing.
  • Joint training - so, you can master the art of make-up, cutting and sewing, cooking, foreign languages, etc.

And sometimes, when everything is tired, you should just sit down and think about what to do with everyone. Let everyone offer different options, you can definitely choose something interesting for yourself and you will already know exactly what to do with friends!