How to shoot in Avatars?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
April 18, 2015
How to shoot in Avatars?

Avatar is a favorite game of a large number of users. In addition to promoting their hero, many players are also interested in how you can shoot video in Avatars for further publication in social networks or YouTube.

Let's try to understand this issue.

Video shooting

The network contains a fairly large number of applications with which you can make video from the monitor screen. It should highlight:

  • Bandicam;
  • Movavi Capture Screen Video.


This application is easy to use. It must first be installed on the computer. During installation, you must select the appropriate settings for you.

Next, you need to start the game and press the "Record" button in the program. After all the interesting moments are recorded, you should stop recording.

Movavi Capture Screen Video

Movavi Capture Screen Video may be suitable for more advanced users. Like the previous application, it should be on the computer.

After installation, you can start recording. It should be noted that this device allows you to record in good quality both video and sound. In addition, you can take screenshots even while recording a video.

Also here you can do video editing: add captions, various filters, delete a part of the video, overlay the music of the video.