How to sew a sleep mask?

Kristina Firsova
Kristina Firsova
April 1, 2013
How to sew a sleep mask?

Healthy sleep is the key to good health and good mood. It is not always possible to sleep as I would like. To the sun did not interfere in the morning, the light of the lamp - in the evening, you need to ask yourself how to sew a mask. It is necessary to choose the desired fabric, decide and draw a design, decorate or make a functional simple option.

What is needed for the mask

  • Fabric for the inside
  • Fabric for the outside
  • Elastic band (30 cm. - length, 2-5 cm. - width)
  • Scissors
  • Threads with a needle
  • Pattern
  • Chalk for drawing
  • Jewelry (if necessary)

Sew mask

Dense mask for sleeping, stitched with his own hands, will help to hide from the rays of the sun better than the thin purchased. Therefore, we need two types of fabric. It is necessary to make a pattern on two patches. Measure the approximate distance, length and width of the sleep mask. It is about 20 centimeters in length, 10-15 centimeters in width. Draw on the patches of chalk approximate type of mask. Cut out exactly the office mask from one pattern, and then from another.Do not cut together, so you just leave on the "notch". You need to leave a few centimeters (1-2) on the seams, keep this in mind when you become cut.

Now you can flash both parts or stitch on a typewriter to make it smoother. You can insert into the mask a piece of soft non-woven fabric or thin foam for clothing, so it will be more dense. When you join the workpiece, leave space for the gum on both sides of the mask. Sew in the gum so that it holds tight, but does not squeeze the head during sleep. The seams and the mask itself need to be properly ironed so that it is even. To kill germs, you can walk with a steam iron, thereby smoothing the seams. Now the mask is ready for use.


Before stitching a sleep mask, select a fabric. It is better to use two types of fabric. The first one is internal, which means the main layer of fabric. This fabric should be natural, soft, not cause irritation, not electrified. For the appearance, you can use any material. Since it will decorate, you can use silk, lace, satin. The latter may be suitable for both parties if there is no allergy.This mask can be made in a single layer of fabric, thin for the summer.

Jewelry can be varied, but if you use beads or decorative stones, they can come off, damage the skin. It is better to pick up special stripes, they are fabric, the choice is varied, or use ruffles, but if they are not soft, they will prick the face. It is better to cover the gum with a decorative ribbon so that the mask looks more beautiful. Just wash it on top, you can make folds.