How to sew a skirt for dance

No matter whether you sewskirtfrom frills or from wedges, it must meet several requirements - the skirt must be long, wide, and underline the hips.
The simplest version of the dance skirt is a skirt made from frills. Suchskirteven a seamstress can easily sew. For this skirt, you will need a fabric that you cut into strips 15-20 cm wide. From the other fabric, cut out a yoke belt 20 cm wide. In order for the yoke better to sit on the figure, sew it from an elastic jersey.
Calculate the length of the first frill skirt, multiplying the waist circumference in centimeters by 1.5 or 2. To determine the length of the next frill, multiply by 1.5 or 2 the length of the previous frill; and on the same principle, calculate the length of all the other frills.
On each frill, make a light pleat, and then sew it into a ring. Sew to the bottom of the already finished frill, also making a pleat on its upper edge in advance. To make the skirt look more original, you can make some frills from lace or from a fabric of a different color.
For the semi-sun skirt, you will need an even semicircle cut from the fabric - in this case the skirt will have one seam. Separately carve the yoke, based on the height of the hips and waist circumference.