How to set up NTV +?

Galina Devyatkina
Galina Devyatkina
October 8, 2014
How to set up NTV +?

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How to set up NTV +?

After acquiring a receiver, owners of digital satellite television very often resort to the help of specialists in order to carry out installation and configuration. You can do it yourself, saving money. Often, owners of digital satellite television can not install the channel NTV +. To solve the problem, you should familiarize yourself with the proposed instruction.

Ways to search for NTV +

You can configure the NTV channel on the receiver in two ways:

  • Automatically. To do this, we connect the receiver and go to the “Settings” section available in the menu (there is a “Menu” key on the remote control to enter the menu). Next, launch the “Search for NTV + channels” item.
  • Manual installation. This procedure is a little more complicated and involves the introduction of certain parameters of the broadcast, inherent to each region.

Channel memorization algorithm

  1. Go to the antenna converter menu and enter the data of the Eutelsat deviceNTV +W4. We specify a single device type and turn on the power. Its frequency should be 10,750 MHz.
  2. Next, select the installation of manual channels and enter from the table the parameters of the required NTV + transponder.
  3. We include network search and we receive the list of channels NTV +.
  4. Go to the menu section "Organization of channels" and turn on memorizing the channel.

If necessary, you can make a list of preferred channels and add NTV plus to it. A personal installation will be absolutely free and take a little time.