How to separate salt from sugar

You will need
  • - alcohol stove with a tripod;
  • - filter;
  • - porcelain container.
In order to highlightsaltfrom the mixture, prepare an aqueous solution. Simply put, dissolve the salt-sugar mixture in water. It must be immediately passed through a filter to remove all impurities that are insoluble in water.
The next step - pour the resulting solution into a cup, preferably a porcelain one, since it is chemically neutral.
Then place the cup on the tripod ring and start heating its bottom with a spirit lamp. So you will achieve the evaporation of water and reduce the volume of the solution.
As the water evaporates, the solution will become more concentrated, you need to be extremely careful at this moment. As soon as the concentration becomes optimal, crystals begin to appear on the walls of the cup - this will besaltin its purest form.
With the advent of crystals, the heating must be stopped and the solution cooled. As soon as you do,saltcool and crystallize too.Now take the filter and separate the salt crystals from the solution.
Now do some sugar.