How to rotate text in Word?

Tamara Sidorova
Tamara Sidorova
August 14, 2012
How to rotate text in Word?

While working on a computer, there is often an urgent need to change the direction of the text in Word, but it is highly recommended not to change its parameters (so that the letters are not scattered around the sheet). When a novice PC user doesn’t have enough experience, even a similar problem can lead to confusion. How to rotate text in Word?

  • If you didn’t have to perform such actions before, you shouldn’t panic, you can safely solve the task without help. First of all, you can resort to help help, located in the menu of the program itself. You can simply find a special instruction on how to properly flip the text in Word. They are in all programs, regardless of the year of release.
  • You can do this operation in one go. On the vertical page bar at the top are the menu tabs. With their careful examination, you can find how to change the direction of the text as needed. For example, use the WordArt tool. It allows you to expand the text in any direction.This tool is also available for any Word.
  • First, we select the text itself, which will be formatted later, and then we turn to the tabs for help:
  1. Go to the menu "table", in which we select the option "draw a table."
  2. After that, select the text, which is then necessary to convert.
  3. At the end of these actions, we select everything and resort to the “format” option, and then the “text direction”. After that, select the desired direction and click "OK". Suitable for any Word, regardless of the year of manufacture.

Now your text is rotated. It turned out all is not so difficult, and now you know how to turn the text in Word.