How to restore lactation?

Breastfeeding is a natural process that is caused by postpartum hormone production. However, despite the apparent simplicity of breastfeeding, to regulate it, unfortunately, not everyone can. It is in such cases that the milk disappears. The amount of breast milk is influenced by various factors - this is the unbalanced nutrition of the young mother, and the incorrect attachment of the baby to the breast, and the long intervals between feedings, and even stress. Every woman, faced with this problem, is trying to find an answer to the question of how to establish lactation, and whether it is possible at all. Below you can find answers to these questions. Let's find out together whether it is possible to somehow organize this complex, but at the same time necessary process for the crumbs. First get together, stop being nervous and think that you can give your little man a valuable product - mother's milk.

Is it possible to restore lactation?

Not every woman who has a breastfeeding problem knows that it is quite possible to restore lactation.Therefore, do not give up, buy feeds for feeding the child and do not even try to make several attempts to preserve their milk. There are so-called "non-dairy" women. They are not capable of lactation in nature. However, the number of such women is very small, it is reduced to only two out of a hundred. This means that almost every young mother can feed her baby with her milk. It should be noted that even if a woman at the very beginning managed to establish breastfeeding, lactation crises are inevitable in the future. In these moments, the amount of milk produced does not meet the needs of the child. As a rule, this period coincides with the growth period of the baby, when not only he grows, but also his appetite.

How to cause lactation

In the case when the amount of milk decreases or disappears completely, it is recommended to follow the following steps, which will help to successfully restore breastfeeding:

  • First of all, it is necessary to adjust as much as possible both a psychological, and an emotional background of the feeding mother. You should know that the hormones of adrenaline, which are present in the body of a restless and exciting mother, interfere with the necessary production of breast milk.
  • A nursing mother needs to drink about 2 liters of warm liquid daily. It may even be tea for nursing mothers. Such special lactogonic charges can be purchased at any pharmacy. Teas to restore lactation contain in their basis the seeds of dill and fennel, and in addition, bouquets of other herbs that have a beneficial effect on the process of milk production.

Frequent applications

When thinking about how to restore lactation, remember that the main condition for this task is the frequent attachment to the breast of the child at his request, as well as the absence of complementary feeding mixtures. It is desirable that in each attachment the baby sucks each breast for at least 15-20 minutes. In the event that he sucked one breast for several minutes and then another for several minutes, you need to try to shift the baby back to the first breast, and further around. Such actions greatly stimulate the arrival of milk.

Full rest and food

You also need to know that restoring lactation depends on a healthy sleep. The joint sleep of mother and child, as well as skin to skin contact, increase the production of breast milk due to the influence of hormones in the body of a young mother.Of course, mom needs to watch her diet too. Proper nutrition will help to improve the quality and increase the amount of breast milk. To do this, a nursing mother must enrich your diet with fermented milk products and walnuts. You should also be aware that a warm shower, as well as an exercise called “doggy pose”, helps to provoke a rush of milk to your chest.

Herbal Fees

If the regular implementation of the above actions did not bring a positive result, then you can begin to take potent herbal preparations that affect the hormonal system, which, in turn, provokes some increase in the amount of milk. However, it should be noted that they need to take constantly. In addition, addiction develops over time with these herbal preparations. Such fees are not recommended to take without a doctor's prescription. In any case, to restore lactation is to seek help from a specialist. He may prescribe a nursing mother a medicine that stimulates an increase in the amount of prolactin. His excess entails a serious hormonal disorder, so even if a nursing mother agrees to go for it, it can’t be done for a long time.

Now you know how to return lactation, the implementation of the above recommendations will help to establish breastfeeding and allow you to cope with lactation crises, and besides, is the key to successful and long-term breastfeeding. Once you have managed to return lactation, it is recommended that you continue to follow the recommendations and avoid stress to maintain it. Remember that even if you do not manage to restore and establish breastfeeding, then nothing terrible will happen, because now is the 19th century, you can buy a full-fledged diet rich in vitamins for your child. Of course, it is better to breastfeed your baby before the age of one, so try to do everything possible!