How to repair TV?

Modern technology is becoming more complex, but at the same time more compact. It is quite amenable to repair. If the repair is simple, and the fault can be seen and corrected with a screwdriver and a soldering iron, then you can take it yourself. If the malfunction is complicated, then you can contact the service center, where you can repair the TV for a couple of days.

LCD TV repair

LCD TVs, also called LCD TVs, are popular because of their good value for money. However, they fail. Can I repair the LCD TV myself? You can, if you have certain skills, be able to read diagrams, hold a soldering iron in your hands and use measuring equipment.

  • A television is a sophisticated electronic device that is very easy to damage. Work must be done carefully, trying not to use force.
  • LCD TVs often fail the power supply and the central control board (SSB board). If the TV does not turn on, first you need to check that there is power at the outlet. Then you need to check the power button and power cord.
  • If the mains voltage is present, the button and the cord are intact, it is necessary to check the power supply.
  • To do this, carefully unscrew all the bolts on the back of the TV. Fold in one place, a jar or box, so as not to get lost. Then remove the cover. It must be remembered that on TVs there are also double mounts, the case can also be connected by snaps. They need to gently pry flat screwdriver and open the case. Consider carefully the internal contents of the TV.
  • Understand where the motherboard, and where the power supply. Motherboard looks like an ordinary microcircuit, the power supply unit is equipped with connectors for cable connection.
  • Examine the power supply. Very carefully inspect the board. It is necessary to pay attention to any consequences of overheating. Most often in the power supply fails capacitors. If they are faulty, a swollen peak appears on them, and in an uncorrupted part, it is flat.
  • If, after an external inspection, it was not possible to detect the malfunction, it is necessary to check the output voltages. You will need a diagram of the TV, it can be found on the Internet. All output voltages of the power supply will be indicated in the diagram.Most often there is no horizontal power supply voltage; it should be within 110-160 volts. It depends on the size of the screen. The voltage is higher, the greater the screen.
  • Now we need to understand the reasons for the lack of output voltage. Either the fault is in the horizontal block or the power supply is faulty. It is necessary to disconnect the output voltage from the scanner, for which you will need to unscrew the part of the power supply. As a load, connect an ordinary light bulb of the order of 100W. Turn on the TV and check the voltage on the lamp. The power supply is healthy if this voltage is close to normal.
  • Next you need to check the horizontal scan chain. Pay attention to the health of transistors and diodes. You need to start checking the transistor without unsoldering it. If the tester shows a breakdown, the transistor must be unsoldered or soldered to the two conductors leading to it. After this check must be carried out again.
  • By the same principle it is necessary to do with diodes. That is, one of the conclusions to be soldered only if the tester shows a breakdown. It is necessary to use an arrow multimeter. Such a device is much more informative than digital.The serviceability of parts can be judged by the throw of the arrow at the moment of switching on, by the degree of deflection of the arrow, etc.
  • If a narrow horizontal bar is visible on the screen, then the fault is in the digital scanning module. We need to check its details. Pay attention to the compliance of the voltage on the outputs of the chips with the voltages specified in the circuit.
  • If the image is gone, you need to darken the room and shine a flashlight on the screen. If you see a weak image, it is defective, maybe the power supply. Most often fails the power filter capacitors, you need to check them. If they are faulty, you need to check the fuse on the board, it usually burns. After that, you need to replace the defective parts and turn on the TV. If the image does not appear, then the inverter is most likely faulty. The faulty chip must be replaced.
  • After all the defective parts are replaced, the body of the TV should be assembled, snap halves and tighten all the bolts in place.
  • At the end of the work, the TV should be turned on carefully, just in case, not to stand in front of the screen.If the device works, everything is fine, but it needs to be allowed to work for 2 hours continuously. After that, you need to check whether the new capacitors are too hot. If not, then we can assume that everything is in order.

How to repair the TV - figured out, but then the remote control could be out of order.

Repair of the remote from the TV

Most often, the electrical appliance repairman has to repair small equipment, such as remote controls from radio tape recorders or televisions. They become unusable very often. But after all such repair can be made independently. In this article we will continue to talk about how to repair the remote from the TV.

For this you will need:

  • soldering iron;
  • remote control;
  • replaceable set of rubber products.

The remote control consists of a body made of hard plastic and a keyboard made of soft and durable rubber. Rubber erased with time. While watching one program, the remote can be used up to ten times. If you multiply this number by the number of broadcasts, commercials and days in a year, you get an impressive figure. Therefore, the keyboard is erased very quickly.

Under the channel keys, inside the console, there are small rubber products that have a circle shape with a hole. It is necessary to replace these rubber bands. Contamination of contacts to which buttons are connected may also occur, wire breaks may still occur. Dirty contacts should be wiped with cotton wool dipped in alcohol or cologne. When a wire breaks, you need to solder the connecting wires that are not in place with a heated soldering iron.

To replace the circles, the remote control must be disassembled. Moisten all contacts with a damp cloth or cotton moistened with alcohol. In place of the old circles, which have become useless for the years of operation, glue a new set of rubber circles. To assemble the console in the reverse order, check its operation.

Checking the remote can be done in a completely unusual, non-standard way. For this you need to use a digital camera. At the output window of the remote control signal, you need to focus on, press any button on the remote control. If the remote works, an ultraviolet ray appears on the screen of the camera, which is not visible to the human eye.

So if you do not know where you can repair the TV, then try to do it, for a start, by yourself. It is quite not difficult.Especially since you already know how to repair a TV.