How to repair thresholds

You will need
  • 1. Workbench.
  • 2. Tool for straightening and straightening with staples, puller and spotter.
  • 3. Automatic welding machine or semi-automatic.
  • 4. A set of plumbing tools.
  • 5. Bulgarian or pneumocrised.
Removable thresholds are fixed, as a rule, with self-tapping screws. If the threshold is slightly damaged, remove it and straighten it on the workbench with a straightening and straightening tool. Before re-installing the inner surface of the threshold cover with anti-corrosion compound. If the threshold is severely damaged or has rust-through, replace it with a new one.
Fixed slightly damaged thresholds without pronounced deformation folds straighten exhaust outside. To do this, first weld the special brackets, and then perform a sequential hood with an inertial puller or spotter.
To repair a fixed threshold with moderate damage, pre-disassemble the doors, seats and floor covering in the repair area. The first method of repair: cut a window on the side of the threshold,insert an anvil or hydraulic device into it, with which you can extract the section to be repaired. After recovery, weld the window with a suitable sheet of metal, and weld the weld seam on the outside side flush with tin solder.
The second method: make two transverse slots under the hole above the threshold, and then separate the points of welding. Enter the anvil through a partially opened cavity and straighten it. Then close the hole and close it.
In case of damage to the threshold directly under the door, cut out the damaged area so that the rest of the threshold has no damage. Make a new part, adjust it to a remote area and weld it.
If the threshold is severely damaged, cut the damaged area with a pneumatic knife or a grinder.