How to remove wart folk remedies

You will need
  • - Kolanchoe leaves;
  • - bandage;
  • - bow;
  • - vinegar;
  • - sour apples;
  • - fresh rowan;
  • - tomatoes;
  • - raw potatoes;
  • - wax paper;
  • - wood ash;
  • - water.
The leaves of the feathery Kolanchoe - an excellent remedy for warts. Apply a fresh and well-washed leaf of the plant onwart, fix and leave for a few hours. Repeat until the complete disappearance of education (it is enough 3-4 times).
Peel a small onion and cut it lengthwise into 2 pieces. Dip a quarter of the bulbs in vinegar and leave for 2 hours. After 2 hours, attach the marinated onion to the wart, secure with a bandage and leave overnight. After a few similar procedures, the wart will come out by itself and with the root.
In the summer, when the markets are full of fruits, you can use another way. Daily rub the sap with sour apple juice to get a result.After some (rather short) time, the wart usually darkens and falls off, leaving no trace. The disappearance of the wart can also be achieved by replacing the juice of a sour apple with a juice of a tomato, fresh rowan, or a celandine plant.
For the attention of the wart on the sole, daily rub a little raw potato and, putting the gruel on waxed paper, wind it over the sole for the night. After a while the wart will disappear.
Remove flat warts with wood ash diluted with water to a consistency of batter. Lubricate dailywartthis mixture and after some time you will not find it.
With the appearance of warts on the genitals, it is necessary to consult a doctor. There are studies that state that genital warts can lead to uterine cancer.
Helpful advice
There is no need to remove all the warts on the body. Doctors found out that if 1 or 2 warts were removed, then the rest, if any, disappear by themselves. Removing the wart mobilizes the human immune system to combat the papilloma virus that causes the appearance of warts.
Most warts disappear without a trace within two years after its appearance.
There is no need to treat senile warts.