How to remove the ban?

Igor Frolov
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How to remove the ban?

The open spaces of the Internet have become securely protected by administrators and moderators of various servers / sites / forums, which periodically leads to bans that prohibit the visitor from using the service features. Sometimes, innocent people who had to meet with an inexperienced or inadequate caretaker of order get under these punitive measures. So that you could emerge victorious in such a situation, the article will explain how to remove the ban in a particular case.

Remove blocking in games

There are three main ways to remove a ban in any game:

  • change IP address;
  • change nickname;
  • change account Steam.

In the first case, you need to ensure that you have a dynamic IP. If you are not assigned a personal network address, then you can change it with each new connection to the modem. We do not recommend using this method to persons who received a legitimate ban. As a rule, in such cases it is not difficult for the admin to ban the entire subnet, which will incur the wrath of the players-neighbors.

In a similar way, you can bypass the ban and in two other cases - just change the nickname or, more difficultly, create a new account on Steam. From the article How to give a ban you can learn about the mechanics of applying locks, which will allow you to understand what method was used against you.

Another option is to appeal to the forum. If you are banned for rudeness and profanity, then you can not count on unlocking. This method is suitable for those who have been unfairly banned for cheats that are not used. It is enough to attach screenshots made during the game, and even better a demo tape to your letter to confirm your innocence.

Ban on the forums

There are no tricky ways to bypass the ban on the forums, except that you can hack the admin panel of the site and remove your account from the blocked group. Therefore, the most correct way is the correspondence with technical support, in which it is necessary to show maximum restraint and tact, demonstrating its adequacy.

Ban on sites

As a rule, the ban on the site is no different from the blocking on the forum (the admin panel is single andban mechanism is similar). But on such resources as video chats, for example, blocking can be circumvented in the following ways:

  • change browser;
  • clearing the cache and cookie;
  • webcam change.