How to delete a username and password?

All modern browsers have the function of saving the login and password for different sites, but depending on different circumstances, there is a need for data from the browser memory. And then many are puzzled over the question of how to remove the login and password, frantically searching for the necessary section in the program settings. And, even if there is a necessary menu, you should try to delete only unnecessary data, and not the entire list. To save your precious time and this article was written. Let's try to figure out how to remove the login and password using the example of the most popular browsers.

Internet Explorer

In the Internet Explorer Internet browser, to remove one specific login with a password, you need to go to the page of the site where the identification data you want to delete is used. By clicking in the authorization field twice with the right mouse button, you will see the list of passwords that are saved in the browser’s memory. Use the keyboard navigation keys (up and down) to select the login to be deleted, and press the Delete key

Mozilla firefox

To remove the username and password in the Mozilla FireFox browser, select the “Tools” item in the browser menu and open the “Settings” section. Among the options on the settings panel there is a tab called “protection” containing the “passwords” section. In this section, you need to find and click the button item "saved passwords". After performing the above actions, a small window will open containing a list of sites where the user is registered and, accordingly, logins and passwords to these sites. Then you just need to select the required login from the list and click the “Delete” button.


In a fairly popular Opera browser, deleting passwords and logins is as follows. In the main browser menu, open the "Settings" option and select the "Delete personal data" option in the list. After these manipulations, a minimized list of the delete settings window will open, which expands for viewing by pressing the item-button “detailed settings”. After expanding the list, you should find the button for managing passwords and logins. This button is used to open a window containing a list of sites or web pages on which the browser user is registered.When you click on the name of the selected web resource, lists of passwords and logins to these pages will automatically be displayed. Now you can safely select those accounts you need to get rid of and delete them by clicking on the “delete” button of the same name.

Google chrome

In the Google Chrome browser, you need to click the wrench icon or the icon with three horizontal red bars (the design of the icon depends on the browser version) in the upper right part of the browser window. This action will open the browser menu. In the list that appears, we find the section "Parameters", clicking on which will redirect you to the browser settings page. In the list of settings, we need to find the option "personal materials". Usually a link to this option is located on the left side of the page. In the list of personal material settings, there is a button “managing saved logins and passwords”. By clicking on this item-button, you open a page of passwords and logins. Now, in order to remove the login and password, you just need to select already unnecessary credentials in the unfolded list of pages, logins and passwords to them and click on the icon with the image of a cross to the right of the selected item.

Apple safari

To remove the login and password to a specific web resource in this browser, you must first open the browser menu. The browser is opened in two ways: by clicking on the “edit” section or by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the window. After opening the menu, you need to find and click the option "settings" In the settings you will see a number of bookmarks. The bookmark we need is labeled “auto-complete”. In this tab, from the list of items you need to find "user names and passwords". To the right of this item there is a button-item “edit”, which should be clicked. You will see a window containing a list of logins and web resources to which they belong. Select the ones you want to get rid of and click the “delete” button.