How to remove damage and the evil eye?

Quite often it happens that a person suddenly begins to feel ill, diseases come one after another, or failures constantly overtake the material field. The cause of this sudden total bad luck can be an evil eye or damage.

These two facts of black magic are premeditated. That is, damage is induced purposefully, resorting to the help of special black rituals. But it is not necessary to cross the road to some witch or witch in order to be under the influence of hostile thoughts. Damage may well bring a person who has a sufficiently strong energy. Damage usually concerns such areas as: health, happiness, death, luck and luck, loneliness. All symptoms of damage are described in the material: How to get rid of damage.

The evil eye, more often than not, is obtained by chance. A person with a very strong energy is just enough to envy, so that the object of his envy then everything starts to crumble and fall from his hands. If you suspect that someone has jinxed you or caused damage, then you should first of all think about how to remove the evil eye or damage yourself.If things do not begin to improve and to remove the evil eye, or the damage itself will not succeed, then only then it will be possible to turn to some practice of black magic. You can find out if there is a damage or an evil eye on you from the article: How to remove damage.

Removal of the evil eye and spoilage of salt

There are many instructions on how to remove damage and the evil eye. If you perform all the rituals yourself, then the house is the most suitable place where you can remove the evil eye and damage. The first and most simple, but effective way - a ritual with salt. This product, which is in every home, has a very strong energy.

The whole essence of the ceremony is to take a handful of salt in hands and three times to say the following words: “Save me, save me, white salt, pure salt! Amen!". After the cherished words are spoken, salt must be thrown away. The ritual is repeated once every seven days. Of course, all these actions must be performed by the person on whom the evil eye or damage is supposed to lie.

Removal of the evil eye and damage by water

Another ritual involves the use of water. It will be better if the water will be used spring or holy.To conduct the ceremony, choose a day on a waning moon, or at least a Sunday day.

At noon, you need to pour water into the jar and say the following words: “Clean water, pure blood, save and save the servant of God (name spoiled) from the evil eye, from the bad hour, from the hateful and bad. Amen!". After the words are spoken, you need to light a match and christen the water three times. The burnt part needs to be broken off and thrown into the water. Such actions are repeated with three matches. The resulting water should be sprayed on the person on whom the damage or the evil eye lies, and give him a little to drink this water. It will be safer to repeat the rite several times.

Removing the evil eye and spoilage egg

You can also remove the damage and the evil eye with an egg, but this will require two people, i.e. Do not recommend rolling out egg damage from yourself. For the ritual will need some fresh chicken eggs. To remove the evil eye and damage, you need to roll the eggs in the body of a sick person in a clockwise direction. You need to start with the head, gradually dropping down. As soon as you feel that the egg has become harder, you will need to break it into the prepared dishes and take another egg.As a rule, it may take 5-7 eggs to perform a ritual, but sometimes it is necessary to use more than one dozen.

Also, you can remove the damage with a candle.