How to refill a Samsung 4200 cartridge

The Samsung 4200 printer cartridge contains a chip that controls its operation. After the information that the cartridge is empty, refilling it will not give anything in the chip - even if there is toner, it will not work. In this situation, there are two ways out: buy a new chip, it costs about 150 rubles, or assemble a programmer for flashing the old chip.
Technically, the first option is much simpler, although it may be difficult to find a chip. The second is more difficult, but at the same time you get the opportunity to refill the cartridge as many times as you like, until it is completely worn out. Details for the programmer will cost you the same 150 rubles. Any person who has the skills to work with a soldering iron can collect it; all work can take you a couple of evenings. Properly assembled programmer starts working immediately and does not need to be configured.
Actually refilling the cartridge Samsung 4200 is not particularly difficult. Remove the cartridge from the printer; locate the gear on the drum unit.You need the opposite side of it. Unscrew the two black screws on the side cover and remove it. Remove the five black screws on the top of the cartridge. On the back and front sides of the cartridge there are two latches. Press on them with a screwdriver and open the cartridge.
Remove all old toner, even if it is still quite a lot. In this type of cartridges there is no debris compartment; when it is used, the waste toner goes back to the hopper with good toner, bringing lint from paper, dust, etc. Remember that the drum unit does not stand up to bright light. Therefore, do not keep it in the light for more than two minutes or cover it with a black cloth.
Remove the black plastic stopper of the filling hole, set it aside. Replace the old chip with a new one (or flash it) and insert it into the cartridge. Reassemble all parts, close the latches, screw in five black screws. Pour hundred grams of Samsung 4200 or 1210 toner through the filling hole, close the plug. Replace the side cover. Refueling completed.