How to recharge Megafon?

Tamara Kovalenko
Tamara Kovalenko
January 21, 2013
How to recharge Megafon?

Megaphone is one of the cellular companies that are strong in the Russian cellular market. To use this connection, it is imperative that the Megaphone balance is always positive.

How to replenish the account subscription Megafon

This can be done in the following ways:

  • in cash
  • through an ATM, from a bank card,
  • through the Internet,
  • from the Megaphone card, using the phone itself,
  • electronic money.

Megafon Cash Deposit

It is possible to do this in the office of the company; you can also replenish the account of your phone through the terminals, which are now located almost everywhere, but at some terminals the commission is charged.

How to recharge Megafon card

You can replenish your account through an ATM, from your bank card, you just need to insert a card, enter the PIN code by clicking on the appropriate service. One of the convenient and simple ways to recharge your balance is your phone, which is pre-connected to the balance recharge service using credit cards, where you can be aware of the balance with the help of SMS requests, USSD commands, or voice menu.

Account replenishment can occur via autopayment, the command * 117 * amount # is set on the phone. Previously, a phone is tied to a bank card on the Internet, an automatic balance replenishment is set up: if the balance decreases, a bank card will automatically be debited, the amount is set in advance. Then an SMS message is received about the amount and time of payment. This service is free, payment without commission.

Megafon account replenishment on the Internet

  • through the Service Guide in the "My Account", having previously entered the Megafon website on the Internet, entering the password into the "My Account" and replenishing the balance of the phone,
  • payment from a bank card on the bank’s website where after entering the identifier and password you can transfer the amount that is required,
  • using electronic money "Yandex-Money", "QIWI", "WebMoney", by entering the phone number of the amount and the electronic payment system from which the money will be withdrawn.

Recharge via Megaphone

You can replenish the balance with the help of a Megaphone payment card, which can be bought at a store, kiosk, supermarket, salon of communication, but there they will take a commission. To activate the card from your phone, dial * 110 # PIN-code # call.When activating a card to another number, dial * 110 # PIN-code # subscriber number in international format # call.

You can activate the card by SMS to number 1100, the message is free. When you activate the card to your own number, the PIN code is indicated in the message;

How to replenish your account on MegaFon in other countries

Megaphone account can be replenished also in other countries. Calculated in cash in supermarkets, shops, payment acceptance points, in post offices. Funds are credited to the phone in rubles at the rate of the Central Bank. The presence of the commission can be obtained from the provider.