How to raise a girl?

Often parents think about whether they are raising their child correctly, how much they cope with their parental responsibilities. But even more difficult is the question: "how to raise a girl properly?" Great work and art at the same time - to raise a daughter; because you want her to be tender and feminine and at the same time able to stand up for herself.

How to raise a girl: important qualities

  • Femininity. It is important that the girl grows up as a real woman: caring, tender, kind; to be a good housewife. Help in mastering these qualities can your own example. Children copy their parents in everything, and your daughter will behave like you, repeat words, movements, manners.
  • Thrift. The girl should have her own corner with dolls, dishes, pillows and blankets. It is here, in the game, that she will learn and master the rules of behavior in society. Do housework together: allow her to wash the dishes (you can give a plastic one to the little ones); to rinse clothes, sweep up or together blind pasties from dough.
  • Caring and kindness can be developed if there is a younger brother or sister nearby. Girls love to babysit with Lyalka. You can ask your daughter to help mom or dad. The main thing here is the appeal itself and, of course, praise after help. Encourage your daughter's desire to help an elderly neighbor. Do not be afraid to pull up your daughter if she makes fun of someone else's shortcomings or pain.
  • A sense of taste can be instilled in a girl, consulting when you buy clothes or go somewhere. Choose feminine clothes for your daughter, tell us about the combination of colors and styles.
  • Prudence. Be sure to talk with your daughter about the basic rules of safety (on the road, in public places, with strangers). Talk about dangerous situations from your life or the life of your friends. In parenting, it is important to teach the child to avoid situations that threaten their life, health or reputation.
  • Leadership. In the modern world, to raise a girl correctly is not to bring up "weaksex ". A woman should not only admire and obey. Kindness and tenderness do not interfere with being a leader. Support your desire for self-expression in your daughter, do not restrain initiative.Praise should be an incentive for her in further actions.

General rules in the education of girls

Appearance. A sense of self-appeal is important for both a little girl and an adult woman. From the very tender age convince your daughter that she is beautiful, no matter what data she has. Criticism and mockery are absorbed even by the smallest child at an unconscious level. This can lead to complexes that will entail many other problems already at an older age.

Love. The severity and punishment in raising girls must have clear boundaries. Deprived of parental caress, the girl will find love wherever she finds it. So any rogue will be able to charm her, saying only two words of love and stroking his head.

Very important is the role of the father in the proper upbringing of the girl. He should become a worthy example, because in his image the girl builds ideas about men and chooses a groom in the future.

How to educate a teenage girl

  • We have already said how important it is for a girl to understand that she is attractive. In adolescence, this rule is literally the first place.Never make unpleasant comments about the appearance of your maturing daughter. They are perceived very painfully and sharply, because in adolescence, appearance changes, new signs appear. Not everyone accepts it easily.
  • Tell the girl about the changes in the body. Say that everyone's body is unique and develops at its own pace. Explain that there is no point in rushing and sooner or later she will look more mature.
  • Let your daughter choose her own clothes and look the way she wants. Of course, make sure that her appearance conforms to the norms of what is permitted, but do not prohibit wearing things that she likes. For a teenager in the first place becomes the opinion of his peers; For a maturing girl, it’s more important what her friends say and how the boys will react. Be wise parents and remember this feature of teenagers. Do not become an evil tyrant with your demands and impositions, but begin to build a real adult friendship with your daughter (now is the time). Subconsciously, a teenager is seeking authority for himself, so why don't you become one?
  • Teach the girl to use makeup.Turn it into a new game to replace the dolls. Dress up and paint together.
  • Support your daughter in all her hobbies. Music or drawing, dancing or wrestling is her choice, her search for herself. Encourage her hobbies, they help to throw out all the energy that accumulates during the period of growing up.
  • Teach your daughter to take care of themselves on a daily basis. Tell about the hygiene of the face, body, hair, about intimate hygiene, etc. Explain that the female body is a fragile tool and you need to take care of it constantly and correctly. Teach your daughter by example.
  • In learning to communicate with the opposite sex, the very first example is the relationship between the parents themselves. Explain that there are norms for expressing one’s sympathy in the presence of others. Tell us what is important to maintain respect for each other, that it is not necessary to rush to the neck of the first comer.

Remember that in the upbringing of a teenage girl, the first steps begin in early childhood. Do not miss this moment! Further, you should only point to them in real adult life (no longer with a children's dish), to teach in practice; support and help.