How to put a password on a computer?

Leonid Veselov
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How to put a password on a computer?

Data protection on a computer is a topic for serious conversation. And the more serious the data, the more serious the conversation. Many people are quite frivolous about this topic. They do not think about anti-virus programs, do not use a password to log into your personal account. Such behavior may lead to the loss or theft of personal data, which will inevitably lead to undesirable consequences. Let's figure out how to put a password on a computer. This is quite easy to do, but still a couple of pitfalls can be found. So:

Password for the account.

A little about terms. An account is your work space on a computer. Immediately make a reservation that our article is about Windows systems. You can create multiple user accounts on your computer. This is necessary if you want to separate from the people who use the same PC with you. Each account can be provided with a unique password.This can be done using this algorithm. How to put the computer under the password:

  • Go to the Start Menu.
  • Select the Control Panel option.
  • There you must select the item User Accounts.
  • To establish an account password, we need the very first link. Feel free to click on User Accounts.
  • After clicking on the link, you will be presented with a menu where you need to select the Change your password item.
  • If you did not have a password before, then you just need to think up a password and enter it in the window offered for this purpose. Well, if you already have a password, then you must first enter the old password, and then a new one, and then confirm the new password.

Here's how to put a password on a computer. Remember that now that you have set a password, you will be forced to enter it when accessing your account. You also need to take care not to lose this password and not to forget it, since restoring access to your page as a result of losing your password can be very difficult for inexperienced users.

Also, in the Windows software, you can set a password for various folders.The surest way to protect the contents of a folder is to archive it using the WinRAR program. As a rule, this utility is already built into the system and in the context menu of each folder you can select the Archive content item. When archiving is also possible to set a password and protect files. This is a very simple method that saves the user from downloading unnecessary data protection software. Although the level of this protection is no different from what the downloaded software offers, and often surpasses it. Therefore, it is better to take care of security and put the computer under the password.

These simple steps to set a password and archive important data will significantly increase the level of protection for your data. This should be done especially for those who use portable computers.