How to provide oily hair care

Wash greasy hair as it gets dirty; if necessary, every day. Modern means ofcareu behind curls quite allow it. Use alternately shampoos for oily hair and regenerating or neutral. This will help prevent dehydration. Apply the balm only on the ends of the strands, without touching the roots. So they will stay clean longer.
Do not dry your greasy hair with hot air. This will activate the sebaceous glands. Blot the curls with a towel, and then apply the styling fluid. She does not weigh strands and help create the right hairstyle. Switch the hair dryer on to supply cold air and lay your hair.
Use masks to adjust sebum production. For this perfect infusion of nettle. Narvite leaves or buy ready-made dried at the pharmacy. Pour boiling water. Let stand for ten to fifteen minutes. Add one egg and a capsule of vitamin B1 or B6. Stir.Apply to hair, starting from the roots. Wrap your head with cling film. Leave the composition for exposure for a half to two hours. You can make such a mask weekly.
Very often, the dry ends of the hair are accompanied by dry tips. For their treatment, use special sprays. Or try the composition of homemade. Take seventy-one hundred grams of chopped burdock leaves and add three or four tablespoons of burdock or almond oil. Insist for a day. Then boil a little over low heat. Wait until cool. Apply to the ends of the hair. This procedure should be carried out for twenty to thirty minutes before washing your head. The composition nourishes the strands with vitamins and will not give shampoo to dry them even more.