How to please yourself?

There is a very true statement that everyone should love themselves. If you do not love yourself, then how can others do it? Of course, one must begin with oneself. It is necessary to love both the soul, your inner world, and your body. It is very good to learn to pamper yourself, to indulge yourself. You will see how your self-esteem will increase in this process, those around you will immediately notice changes for the better in you, although they will not be able to explain exactly what happened. So, we begin with the formation of self-love from understanding how to please yourself.

Understand what you enjoy

First you need to clearly understand, and under what circumstances you can experience real pleasure. You can take the paper and make a list. It can be quite large, it can be small. But he has one remarkable quality - he can be different with periodicity at half a day! Depending on the living conditions, mood, events, people around you and your highest pleasures will be formed.For example, today for you pleasure can be that your colleague went on a business trip, and you will not see his hated face for a whole week. And by the evening a warm bathroom with rose petals can become the subject of your desire. And after the bath you will have another subject of dreams, completely carnal, and it will be logical and correct. Therefore, make a list of promising pleasures that are expensive and should be planned in advance.

Dear pleasures

If we are talking about expensive pleasures, then not every woman has a sponsor, she just has to plan how to please herself. For example, she will plan a trip to Goa, about which she dreamed from school, and she will bring great pleasure. Or a woman wanted to buy a car, salary and skills allow you to do it. Again you have to give pleasure to yourself. Remember the beginning of our conversation. After you give yourself such dear pleasures, many will automatically begin to respect and love you. But do not rejoice in this, such love only blinded the eyes, closes from us the true sincere feelings.So appreciate old friends. To expensive pleasures can also be attributed as clothes, shoes, accessories, buying a villa by the sea. Some women even allow themselves the pleasure of having young and beautiful men. If your moral principles in this case do not suffer, then why not?

Spiritual pleasure

An excellent answer to the question of how to please a girl, as well as a man, lies in satisfying her spiritual needs. The fulfillment of any dreams is a great pleasure. Isn't it a pleasure to see a rare picture of a famous artist, to travel around many countries and cities, to get the desired profession, to find an old friend, to learn to sing, draw, and write a poem. And to win a talent contest is not a pleasure that will bring fame, popularity, money, honor.

Gastronomic pleasures

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when asked how to take pleasure in a man is not in the sphere of spirituality, but quite ordinary and prosaic. But remember, about the path to the male heart, to the first and real heart - it lies through the stomach.Therefore, you can enjoy it not only sexually, but also by preparing your favorite dish. As a rule, men love hearty, meat, cereal dishes and high-calorie pastries.

Sexual pleasure

One of the four processes that a man cannot do without is sex. Now there are many sources from which you can learn how to give yourself sexual pleasure. In various schools of art of seduction, women are offered to first enjoy the whole body with the pleasure of caresses, touches, and only then proceed to the genitals. To do this, special exercises are performed, which must be performed only when there is no one at home to relax as much as possible. It is necessary to undress, get comfortable, and try to caress your skin with various objects, pleasant in sensations - a piece of fur, feather, velvet fabric, delicate angora wool. You need to listen to your feelings, what you like most, when you touch your hands, legs, thighs, breasts, stomach. Then you can immerse yourself in a warm and pleasant bathroom and bring your pleasure to the highest point.Specialists of these schools claim that this is not just masturbation. How to give yourself the pleasure you need to know much more widely, because you can multiply your feelings. If a girl is still very young, she can first see how to please herself. Videos with this process can be found on the Internet.