How to play dolls?

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How to play dolls?

Dolls - one of the most common toys on the planet, which have not lost their popularity over the centuries. Such demand is due to the fact that the dolls are toy prototypes of people, which means there are a lot of variants of games with them. How to play dolls so that it is exciting and interesting and will be discussed further.

How to play dolls: the main plots of games

The game of dolls, above all, requires a plot. Moreover, it is not necessary to think it through to the smallest detail: sometimes you can just come up with the main storyline - this will give an impetus to the beginning of the game, and then it will acquire details in the process. The complexity of the plot will depend on the age, fantasy and interests of the player. The most popular variants of the subject games with dolls are the following:

  1. "Daughters-mothers". Everyone has seen girls play dolls at a very early age: they just nurse them. In such a game, usually, dolls play the role of small children: you can feed them, change their diapers,Dollsput to bed, ride in a stroller and so on.Developing the plot, you can create a doll family and reproduce what a real family does: lunch, walk, visit, kindergarten, library. A puppet family can be made large with grandparents, uncles, aunts, and pets.
  2. Creating situations in which toys can fall is another option for playing with dolls. For example, if you come up with some kind of work for dolls: a model, a teacher, a salesman, a traveler, then it will be easy to come up with situations in which they fall. You can also organize a puppet trip to the circus, the wedding of dolls, etc.
  3. Puppet show. The main thing that is needed in such a game is a screen with a window and text. In the puppet show, you can play some famous fairy tale or create a plot, improvising on the go.

How to play barbie dolls

Barbie is a world-famous doll-girl who has her own home,Barbie dollsa car, a lot of friends, and even a groom. therefore, in each game with a Barbie doll you can use different topics, for example: going to a disco, visiting a doctor or a hairdresser, photographing, repairing an apartment, and even writing a detective story.In addition, for Barbie you can sew costumes, make jewelry for her. Ideas on how to play Barbie dolls can be found in numerous books and magazines about the adventures of Barbie her friends.

How to play winx dolls

The world of Winx dolls - the heroines of the cartoon of the same name - is very diverse. First of all, because Winx dolls - Stella, Bloom, Muse, Tehna and Flor are fairies, and thereforeDollsthe situations that these dolls fall into can be magical. Winx dolls in games can, like ordinary girls, go to the beach, dance, go to a shop and a hairdresser, and like real sorceresses, attend flight school, learn magic, go on dangerous adventures to defeat evil. In addition, the Winx fairy tricks are well-known fashionistas, so you can play with them in the beauty salon, making them make-up, make-up, unusual hairstyles, dyeing their hair in any color. In addition, about there, how to play Winx dolls can be found on the Internet: the network has a lot of video clips with interesting stories, shot by the players themselves.

How to play bratz dolls

Bratz dolls appeared very recently, but managed to catch the fancy of many children around the world. The fact is that girls often see themselves in bratz dolls, because bratz are teenagers. That is why girls rarely have questions about how to play dolls.Bratz dollsBratz, because their interests are the same. In games with these dolls, you can experiment with bright makeup, flirt with boys, go to discos. Included with the dolls, as a rule, sold sets of clothes that can be combined. Mistresses of Bratz dolls can collect doll outfits and change them with each other, because it’s not for nothing that the advertising slogan of Bratz dolls reads: "Girls are crazy about fashion." Videos of how to play Bartz dolls can be found online, in addition, there are video games, cartoons and even a feature film with these heroines. All this can give a lot of fresh ideas for playing with them.

Now you know how to play dolls. The main thing in this game is to “let go” your fantasy, it will help you to come up with the most unusual plots of the game, making it incredibly exciting.