How to plant squash?

Galina Uneasy
Galina Uneasy
April 3, 2013
How to plant squash?

Many people prefer in our time to eat vegetables that are grown only on their own beds. They will be really useful, without adding pesticides, harmful plant growth accelerators and possible gene mutations. But in order to grow these vegetables, you need to know some of the nuances that will help you to harvest these wonderful vegetables.

Where and when to grow

When to plant squash for seedlings? First you should choose a place for future harvest, where there is enough light and there is no wind, because ripening terms will depend on this, as well as yield. The soil should be fertile, with humus.

Planting zucchini stands in the period when spring ends and summer begins. It is possible and later, but the main thing - the absence of frost. If you plan to grow zucchini in a greenhouse or under steam wrap, then you can plant in April.

Experienced gardeners are not advised to grow seedlings of zucchini separately under the film or even in the house before planting in the ground.This is unpromising, since the plants planted immediately into the ground catch up on the seedlings in three weeks, but the squash grown immediately from the seed in a permanent place is much stronger than those grown from seedlings.

Soil preparation

Before planting zucchini, it is necessary to dig up (the depth should be up to 25 cm) in the fall garden with simultaneous application of fertilizer to the soil: manure, peat or superphosphate. This process should be repeated in the spring before the landing.

Landing process

Before direct landing it is necessary to make holes. The size of the holes varies from 70 * 70 cm. (Squash bush) to 100 * 100 cm. (Squash curly).

Before planting zucchini, you need to make a mixture of manure and earth and distribute it evenly in each well, make a small rim. In each well put up to 4 seeds to a depth of 7 cm (if the soil is light) or to a depth of 5 cm (if the soil is heavy), watered. Subsequently, in each well, leave only a good plant, the rest should be removed.

If seedlings are used, they are carefully planted in the center of the hole, and then the stem is covered with soil and watered.

Plant care

Before planting zucchini, you need to learn how to care for them. Courgettes should be watered regularly after dinner. The depth of irrigation should be approximately 20 cm.Then you need to gently loosen the soil.

Zucchini need to be weeded until they are firm enough in the soil. And it is necessary to feed with a mixture of organic and mineral fertilizers 12 days after the second new leaf appears in the germ.